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Milan Brajkovic (Mika999)

I am not a good writer, and I'll probably write this paragraph incorrectly lol... What to say, my real name is Milan and I am from Serbia, but most of you here know me as Mika999. I love all kind of arts and modding is like my hobby and passion. :) You probably already know my mods such as Better Series for Fallout 4 and Shard of Oblivion for Skyrim. Well, hold on tight and prepare for my new upcoming DLC-size mod for Fallout 4 that will be remembered as Fallout Miami! :)



Note: My dear supporters, because i'm from Serbia and with things being as they are here, simple donations through the Nexus Website are not allowed, therefore I made a donation buttons here as the only way for supporting my work.







Mods are FREE FOR EVERYONE and donations are by no means required but highly appreciated and will go a long way to help me realize this one and support all my future projects (ofc there will be more!) =]


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