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Due to my near obsessive collecting of watches, my friends and most of my family started calling me "Watch" when I was in my early 20s.  The name has stuck all this time and now pretty much everyone who knows me calls me "Watch".  I now own somewhere in the neighborhood of 300+ watches made up of a handful of the higher end watches no collection would be complete without and a ton of "Boutique" watches like Invicta, Android, Aragon, Sterling Original, Renato, etc.  


I am also vaper.  I smoked for nearly 30 years and thought I would never be able to quit.  Then I found vaping.  Once I started, I found the transition to vaping was incredibly easy due to the huge variety of flavors available.  I stopped smoking on March 25, 2011 and haven't had, or wanted, a cigarette since!  Vaping is an incredible boon for smokers and can potentially save BILLIONS of lives!

Finally, I picked up PC gaming about 6 years ago and picked up modding about 4 years ago.  Modding has become my "me time" activity for when I've had a rough day at my shop.  There really is nothing like modding a game to the point where it's barely recognizable from the original and still having a stable game!  I owe GamerPoets and Gopher a huge debt of gratitude as they are the two most influential factors in my current modding ability.


The best thing about modding games is, the only limit to what you can accomplish is in your imagination and willingness to invest time and effort learning how to make it happen.  

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