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Add some int to the Mechanist outfit

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The Mechanist is supposed to be a ROBOTICS EXPERT. Such a thing requires intellect 8! It takes some smarts to create ARMIES OF ROBOTS capable of performing complex tasks. It takes some smarts to create robots anyway!

So now The Mechanist - and anyone who should happen upon The Mechanist's unique and stylish (*stylishness not guaranteed) outfit - has received a new enhancement to their armor!

All this mod does is add +2 intellect to The Mechanist's Armor - and subtract eight from the base weight cos us great thinkers can perform these feats of engineering... a simple change for not so simple people!

Want your Mechanist to look foxy? I heartily recommend Mechanist Armor Retextured by DeviousMeth0ds. (the retexture is featured in the screenshot, but the screenshot doesn't really show you how great it is, so check it out on their page)


Automatron DLC (bit obvious really)
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource
Armorsmith Extended

This mod currently requires these other mods because I wanted to release a compatibility version first - it helps you make your awesome Smart Suit even more awesome by being able to add extra armor pieces! If someone really, desperately needs a non AWKCR/AE version, yes, I'll do that. Just leave a message. Or PM me.

Vixsyn's Donations blurb - stop reading here if you're not interested - that's totally fine!

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