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Craft your clothes at a Clothing Workbench, not at a Chemistry Station. No compatibility patches for clothing mods needed.

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For when you downloaded some fancy clothing mods, but to craft it, your character gets his test tube out and starts shaking as if a Chemistry Station is the appropriate tool for the task at hand.

This mod adds a new 'Clothing Workbench' that you can use to craft clothing from other mods. Should work with all mods that add stuff you can craft at the chemistry station. It doesn't add any Outfits. You will need other mods for that.

I know, there are already mods for craftable clothing, but this one is different. I swapped a few Keywords, so that everything with the 'WorkbenchChemlab' Keyword is now craftable at the new Clothing station. All vanilla recipes were transferred back to the normal Chemistry station, but with a new Keyword. No compatibility patches or framework for clothing mods needed.

You will need compatibility patches for mods that change chems or add other craftable things, like ammo, or else you craft the ammo at the Clothing Station. It's only a single Keyword, so it shouldn't be a problem. I decided to do it this way, because there are a lot more craftable clothing mods, than other craftable stuff.

The ironing board has no collision. I'm not good with meshes and textures and don't know how to add one.

Update 2:

I've added an optional file for mods that require the Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource mod. Download AKWCR here. With this you can craft both, clothing that requires AKWCR and clothing that doesn't, at the same Clothing Workbench.

Update 1:

I've added an optional file, that allows you to craft ammo at the Chemistry Station under a new 'AMMO' section. I wanted to make a patch for 'Craftable Ammo', but i'd have to edit every record, so it would be basically a stand alone version. I might as well make a new mod from scratch and have (in my mind) sensible recipes.

All ballistic ammos need 4 copper (for the cartridge), 2 lead (for the bullet/shells), and 2 fertilizer (for the propellant). Energie weapons need x2 more components than the equivalent grenades (Pulse = MF Cells, Plasma = Plasma, Molotov = Flamer Fuels, etc.) minus the stuff that looks like it's the grenade bit (springs and adhesive). Nukes, rockets, cannonballs and railway spikes, need stuff that sounds obvious (nuclear material for nukes, steel for spikes, etc.). You get 20 of all low calliber/high fire rate ammo and energy cells, 50 for 5mm and 10 of the high damage stuff like .50, 2mm EC or cannonballs and one mininuke or missile.

All recipes need 'Demolition Expert 2' and energy stuff, nukes and missiles need 'Science'.

Version 1.1:

I accidentally gave the recipes the wrong EditorID. This has no influence on the gameplay whatsoever, but i want it to be neat and tidy, so i changed it.


If you have a mod that adds new chems or other stuff, that looks like it should be craftable at the Chemistry Station you can make it compatible in a few steps:

-Open FO4edit
-Select the mod, that adds chems or other suff and 'Craft Clothing without Chemistry.esp'
-Right click on the new mod in list of esps and esms on the left
-Click 'Add Masters...' and select 'Craft Clothing without Chemistry.esp'
-Select all records in the 'Constructable Object' section you want to change with 'Ctrl + left click'.
-Right click on a selected record and click 'Compare Selected'
-Scroll down to 'BNAM - Workbench Keyword' on the right side and right click one of the records that say 'WorkbenchChemlab...'
-Click 'Edit' and copy the FormID of the 'ccwc_WorkbenchChemlab' Keyword into the field (It should be 01000801 or 02000801 depending on the order you loaded the files, You can check the ID if you open the 'Keyword' branch of 'Craft Clothing without Chemistry.esp' on the left side).
-Press 'OK'
-Right click the field you just changed, that now says 'ccwc_WorkbenchChemlab...' and select 'Copy to selected records', click 'OK'
-Close FO4edit and don't forget to save