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Fully upgradable tactical equipment to suit your needs.

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Priority Message:

I thank you for your attention for my humble mod, and I know it was far from satisfying because of the limited usage of it (only for female, and only slim body). It was horrible to use on male characters or NPC and it is not something I could have fix, so I have to start it over again.

Now the vests, armors is half done as prototype items but not complete enough to make a standalone publish, for people who wants to use them even if they haven't achieved what I want them to be for "testing purposes" or just curiosity, please visit the mod page of Modern Firearms on

I was not advertising the other mod, but it has a larger user base for me to test those armors out (and also quite amount of requests for tactical wearable I have received from there). If you only want a standalone armor mod as it should be, it will be, but still some more works to do.

The current version on Nexus is rolled back to v1.1 because it somewhat fits male better, but no vests. And the testing versions which are planted in MF contains couple color variations (like original DTO mod in FNV), available for both genders, but not linked into ONE piece of universal item like the basic idea behind CUTE, the headgears and item enchantment/perk system haven't been transferred to MF either, so it is also half done in my opinion.

I am sorry to take very long time in the progress, but it's also because my time is very limited. Thank you for your patience.

The Development and Description - 

The development of "Personal Jetpack" 2.0 was started in the idea of combining wide in-game options, such as different jetpack models, different sizes, different flame models by modifying it on workbench, -- which was a very small goal.

Then I discovered a WONDERFUL mod "Shade Assault Armour IV" made by Whiteshades, the stunning models revealed a possibility to create a mod contains customized tactical choices, yet I do not have the skill to create any model like that. Luckly Whiteshades not only allowed me to use her amazing models, but also shared a lot of knowledge with me. I'd like take this opportunity to thank her as much as I can.

Therefore, in this version of "Personal Jetpack" is actually not only a jetpack mod anymore, for the users who want to keep it simple and only use the jetpack functionality and optional choices for jetpack, just leave the other upgrade alone.

In short: A single piece of armor, with wide diversity is what I wanted to present to you in this mod.

Customized Universal Tactical Equipment (C.U.T.E.) - 

Briefly introduction

Acquiring: Creating the base item from Chem lab, under ultilities tab. Currently there are slot 61 and slot 58 version of it.

For the base item "CUTE" (as a tactical harness), there are different categories of upgrade choices:
(All can be done with armor workbench)

P.S. EVERY modification doesn't only visually change the CUTE, but also has ACTUAL function.

Update 1.2 - Released (Currently only visually fit CBBE slim female body, otherwise graphic clipping should be expected. Still functional though.)

- New Upgrade Categories

1. Increase Tactical Vest category:
The Tactical Vests category contains 3 sub sections: assault combat style, melee combat specified, and protection. You need to upgrade the sub category AND the vests under the sub category. 

Assault type - usually increases reload speed, stability while aiming
Melee type - usually reduce AP consumption for power attack, ignore armor... etc
Protection type - usually increases physical/energy resistance, carryweight, AND under the well protection, YOU GAINED THE SPECIAL ABILITY "HUMAN TANK"! (see in-game description)

2. Reassign Radio and Grenade into "Accessory", which including weaponry. 2 variations of M4 rifle and a melee addon were added. (MP5 or some famous weapon might be in the list in a near future.)

3. Rename the category "Belt" into "Extra Gear", which now also contains elbow pads, knee pads, etc. Usually these kinds of equipment (NOT the belts!) reduce falling damage, and also provide you a "RUDENESS" ability to cause stagger to neutral NPC. 

4. Added an "Additional Armor Pieces" category, which contains armplate (kellog type actually), leggings, see in-game description for details.

- New Items

I don't remember how many new items are there exactly, I roughly counted the actual modifications (not including those blank ones), there're 99 (including body parts and head gears). 

For the body part of CUTE:

7 types of "Accessory"
5 types of "Armor Piece"
6 Backpack plus 3 Jetpacks (4 Jetpacks if you have the Boba Fett Add-On)
8 "Extra Gears"
6 "Holsters"
6 "Flashlight" plus 4 "Sensors"
12 "Vests" in 3 sub-categories (14 Vests if you have private Add-On)

sum: 50

Roughly do the math (with no blank slot), 235,200 possibilities of combination are there (!?) And I will skip the part for head gear (because there are 3 different versions).

- Tribute Items

There are two tribute items can be created in chem lab, which are

1. The outfit (only) of Shade Assault Armour 4,
2. Dragonskin Tactical Equipment (fitting male and female perfectly).
  Before there's a better solution for male version, it also provides you some funs!

- Credits

I have received great help with the resources I used in this update.

Dragonskin Tactical Outfit (FNV) by antistar.
The Backpack (FNV) by tokeroaches.
Military Backpacks (FNV) by MrFisse.
SWAT Tactical Gear (FNV) by Raclopride.
Jill holster (original link hidden) originally created by Redline_C64.

And the open sourses on TurboSquid website, as well as those assets people sent to me. There are too much valuable assets in those amazing mods, I will keep adding them in the future, and thank you so much for allowing me to use your great work!

- In need for assistance

I don't have the skill nor the knowledge to create retexture version of those items, as some people requested Tan version.. etc. If anyone is interested, please feel free to do so. Thank you very much.

- Updated on March 05

Update 1.1 (Previous Version)

- Added 3 variations of C.U.T.E Headgear (light, regular, full-head)

Most of the helmet upgrades are not available in light version; Combat hood and combat helmet upgrade are only available for full-head version; Beret is only available for regular and full-head version.
The inconvenience here is all because of the HAIR - currently I don't have better solution.

- Custom made model for adding headlamp to most of the helmet upgrade, including the stupid vault security helmet options (yeah, I kinda messed it up, on the central top of it was a terrible idea)

NOTE: The flipped goggle upgrades are only available when you have a helmet upgrade.
NOTE2: The flashlight on headgear ARE NOT DONE. It is NOT A BUG, but something I will finish it ASAP.

- Added 2 variation of Nano goggle; A Nano Mask (breather); A new variation of SA4 goggle; A Face of Death Mask as new upgrades

Special thanks for the modders who have granted me the permission to create those upgrades in v1.1:
Nanosuit 5.0 by vasstek
Face of Death Skull Bandana by

Also a new file has been added: CUTE Addons (For partially authorized models, which will contain all the addons requires original mods to work)

- Added the famous Boba Fett Jetpack from Star Wars.

Requires the original mod Boba Fett Jetpack - the amazing work of xxdeathknight72xx who has created a lot of beautiful models. Thanks for his permission to use the model in CUTE.

And the full list of credits was listed below, I'd never forget how you guys had helped me, sincerely appreciated. :)

Credits - 
Jetpack model from Compact Jetpack created by J3litzkrieg, who is the long supporter to me since my first jetpack mod.
Shade Assault Armour IV created by WhiteShades, who also provided me a lot of technical supports as mentioned. And thanks 2pac4eva7 for porting the models into FO4 format. PS. The list of authors of each part will be listed below.
Leather Torso Armor Replace - Belt Variation created by Eferas
Tactical Weapon Lamps - BETA created by stabcops
Wearable Backpacks and Pouches created by Aldebaran90
Boba Fett Jetpack - the amazing work of xxdeathknight72xx who has created a lot of beautiful models.
Nanosuit 5.0 by vasstek
Face of Death Skull Bandana by mikeSinke
Dragonskin Tactical Outfit (FNV) by antistar.
The Backpack (FNV) by tokeroaches.
Military Backpacks (FNV) by MrFisse.
SWAT Tactical Gear (FNV) by Raclopride.
Jill holster (original link hidden) originally created by Redline_C64.

Original authors who created the models used in SA4:
- exeter : neck chain
- epock : radio mesh and textures
- Bunsaki : bags mesh and textures
- Izumiko : top and bottom(s) mesh + textures and ofc the T6M body
- Sinblood : boots mesh and textures
- Redline_C64 : belt mesh and textures
- Kenkuro and AlexScorpion : Holster mesh and textures

My most thanks to all the modders who helped me to make this.