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Reskin of the holodisk/holotape to make it correct to traditional Fallout lore, with visible spools and Wattz Electronics markings.

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Update v1.1: Added Optional versions with glow maps so that the tape can more easily be seen, because some of you apparently want to be playing the fallout version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution :P !

I was annoyed from the beginning at the fact that they replaced the holotapes with some kind of Nintendo cartridge. This is a reskin of the holotape to correct that problem, adding back visible spools, like Fallout holodisks/holotapes have always had since Fallout 1! It also has markings indicating the Wattz Electronics company, which is the manufacturer of holotapes/holodisks according to lore. Enjoy!

I've included various versions with different resolutions of the texture (512, 1024, 2048, 4096) - remember to pick and install only one of these options!

P.S. Its a vanilla default that the game holotapes are smaller then the standard one when dropped, I didn't change this but might switch them all to the larger size in a later version. Also, this is my first mod for any Gamebryo-based engine, so how to format nifs and all that jazz is totally new to me, so it may be a bit on the size changing thing.