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Adds 14 Standalone lore friendly Male and Female outfits,All outfits can be upgraded with lining ballistic weave and legendary mods,
bodyslide support for the female outfits.The female outfits use CBBE Body.

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Mantis's Post Apocalypse Outfits Collection
Update 1.2 Adds 3 more outfits:

Update 1.1 adds 2 more outfits:

In version 1.1 and above the outfits no longer available to craft at any workbench,to get them you'll need 
to kill the NPC's that wear them,and for that you'll need to download this mod:

Introduction To NRC

Adds 14 Standalone lore friendly Male and Female outfits,available to craft at the chem workbench(or one of the two other workbenches if you use those mods.)
All outfits have Damage resistance Value of 50 and Energy resistance of 30,and can be upgraded with lining,ballistic weave and legendary mods.
outfits are set to occupy slot 33 only,so you can wear additional armor and clothing but some will probably clip,while others will "blend in" especially if you use the mountain man coat,that thing is thick.

The female outfits use CBBE Body,however because the outfits barely show any skin I think its safe for vanilla users as well(let me know if I'm mistaken,cant test it myself),just take into consideration that your body shape will change when you use these outfits.

all the bodyslide files for the female outfits are included.

When I made this my main focus was the male models,so while Female are supported take notice that ridiculously large butts and breasts will probably deform the outfits.

And if you like it endorse it.

How to Install:
Extract the Archive and Drag everything from the Data folder to Fallout 4 Data folder.

the ArmorSmith patch require you to have ArmorKeywords.esm Installed.   

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