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Outlaw Outfit

Here is another outfit added to the wasteland. These items are based off the Armored Railroad Coat, Flannel Shirt and Jeans, Green Shirt and Combat Boots, Synth Eyes and Kellogg's Outfit. The main outfit has three color options, each with sleeveless alternatives: Tan, Green and Brown. An additional alternative outfit has three color options: Gold, Orange and Red. You can decide whether or not to equip the "Sling", which uses the bandolier slot as set by Armorsmith Extended/AWKCR. The Implant comes in six glow colors: Red, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, Orange and Pink. Oh does it shine ! You'll have to use the console to add these. I wanted to add them to a vendor's inventory but decided against it. Its best to leave things compatible, especially with the dev kit on the way.

All pieces can be upgraded just like any other vanilla item, following the framework set forth by Armorsmith Extended/AWKCR. Bone scaling values are the same as the vanilla "Road Leathers" outfit, so armor pieces will fit as such. If you wish to change this, by either removing the value entries completely or altering them - you are free to do so. If you wish to upload the edits as an optional patch, again please feel free. As with any patches, please link and credit to this page.

CBBE (only if you use the female versions)
Bodyslide (only if you use the optional files)

Use the Nexus Mod Manager

Visit i0Bjhansen0's page here for a wealth of non-AE/AWKCR patches.

Caliente, Ousnius and the rest of the CBBE team. Thank you so much for your awesome tools and efforts !
MushRush, Athletic Girl was used here again. Thanks so much !
Gambit77 and Valdacil for AE and AWKCR. I mean, seriously. You guys are awesome !
Calyps, for allowing me to use parts of the eypatch from his Spartan mod. I really do appreciate your generosity over the years !!!
i0Bjhansen0 for the "no AE/AWKCR patch". You're awesome, man !