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This is a quick patch to make Vasstek's Nanosuit 5.0 fully compatible with the AWKCR armorsmith workbench. Without a patch, some elements VN 5.0 are not available for crafting at the armorsmith work bench and cannot use AWKCR/AE armor modifications. This patch fixes that.

Permissions and credits
Apologies. Life has prevented me from gaming and modding for almost a year now and that is likely to remain the case. Because of that, I'm providing
carte blanche permission for any modder to use any resources from my
mods for their own creations. Just provide credit and a link to the original mod. Regarding permissions, most of my mods are extensions of work done by others.  You will need their permission to use any assets in my mods that were originally created by others. Enjoy, and keep the modding love alive.

Compatibility patch

Vasstek's Nanosuit 5.0 is out and better than ever - did you expect anything less? Nanosuit 5.0 is designed to utilized AWKCR keywords. However, it is not fully compatible with the AWKCR/Armorsmith extended crafting and armor modification system, This patch fixes that. 

  • All 5.0 Nano items craftable at the AWKCR armorsmithing workbench instead of the chemistry station
  • Consistent with Armorsmith Extended crafting recipes, balanced with other AE-patched cybertech armors
  • Fully functionality to add AE armor modifications to all 5.0 Nano items
  • Single mod crafting patch for those who don't use all of the mods covered by Gambit's Prototypes Extended.

NanoSuit 5.0 & AWCKR/AE Patch in the movies


  • Requires Nanosuit 5.0, Armorsmith Extended, and AWKCR to be installed first
  • If used with the current Prototypes Extended (2.75) this patch must be loaded after Prototypes
  • Gambit has updated the Prototype Extended patch to include NanoArmors 5.0 - so, if you're using all of the Prototype-linked mods, go get that.

This is just a crafting/compatibility patch and will become obsolete once Gambit releases an official update for his Prototypes Extended Patch. EDIT: Prototypes Extended Patch is up to date. If you are using all of the mods covered by the patch, I highly recommend using this.

All of my Nano variations, additions, and patches.
Nanosuit (4.1) Color Changer
NanoArmor 2.0 AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended patch
Nanosuit 5.0 AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended patch
NanoHelmet & NanoMask Variations

Manually correcting the baldness "bug"
**UPDATE: Gambit has updated the Prototype Extended patch to include NanoArmors 5.0. Users should not longer lose their hair when using NanoArmors 5.0 & Prototypes Extended together.

For those who chose not to update the Prototypes Extended patch.
1. Open Prototyptes Extened in FO4edit.
2. Under Armor Addon --> Nanohelmet: remove BOD Biped Body Template entries for slots 30, 31, 46, 47
3. Under Armor --> Nanohelmet: remove BOD Biped Body Template entries for slots 30, 31, 46, 47

Now you can enjoy fully AE support for Nanosuit 5.0 AND compatibility with Prototypes Extended AND you don't go bald from radiation associated with closed-face Nanogoggles.