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This adds a new Legendary Deathclaw that can randomly spawn in the wild. It's huge. And a serious challenge.

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2.5 Available now!
Features 4k retexture by jimhsu: 4k Deathclaw Retexture.

Was always wondering why there were no giant Deathclaws. There's huge Mirelurk Queens but Deathclaws are supposed to be the worst enemy to come across. So I made that happen. I introduce... Gojira!

What is this...??
This is Gojira. A massive Deathclaw, 7 times their normal size (look at pics compared to Red Rocket Gas Station).
Its health is stupid. It's damage is great. Oh, its Legendary by the way. I think you know what that entails. It's fast af. You can't outrun it. 
Named it Gojira after Godzilla and the french Heavy Metal band, Gojira. 

Pay attention to your loading screens! Guess who's been added :P. Also see pictures to see the loading screen!

Where do I fight this demon?
Anywhere there is a Deathclaw, there is a chance of Gojira haha. Unless by scripted events. You must be at least level 51.
Alternatively, you can spawn it with 'player.placeatme XX000800' XX represents load order! Also I recommend putting in 'tcai' and hitting enter before spawning it. This way it won't attack you and kill you until you're ready to die. It spawns on top of you..... so yeah.

How do I fight this demon?
Um. It's got crazy high health and damage and energy resistance. Recommend using only weapons that create ash piles, Gojira's corpse can only be looted this way.

MXR Showcase!! Also shows the Firelance in action.
Starts at 8:20 in.

Ok, I'm ready. How install??
Simple. Use NMM or typical manual install. Nothing special.

Oh wait, compatibility?
Oh yeah. This mod modifies Deathclaw NPC level lists. Any other mod that does this (ie. Legendary Apocalypse) will overwrite the other depending on load order. These mods will continue to work but the conflict makes it to where Deathclaws will do one of two things haha. Either have Gojira or not. Alternatively, just spawn it! xD

What's next/bug fixes?
If this gets enough attention I will retexture it with UHD textures. Yep, coming soon. DONE
Current issue is Gojira's death resulting in space launch/instantaneous decimation. No fix yet. 
I read the comments. Tell me what you think!

Version 1.0 | 2-9-2016
        -Original upload
Version 2.0 | 2-17-2016
        -Added better more appropriate loot.
        -Now a 4k retexture 
        -Toned down but refined glow maps
        -Gojira will always now be the same size
Version 2.5 | 8-29-2016
-Adds multiple new Gojiras to choose from
-Gojira will turn to ash on death, fixing the loot problem.
-New loot