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Added: 08/02/2016 - 10:21PM
Updated: 21/09/2016 - 04:57PM

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Last updated at 16:57, 21 Sep 2016 Uploaded at 22:21, 8 Feb 2016

This mod is a fairly simple texture replacer for the interior floors and walls of the Red Rocket truck stops. After setting up my home base at the Red Rocket stop near Sanctuary and using a few other mods (listed below) to clear up the debris and rubbish and do some decorating I felt that the only thing it really needed now was a fresh coat of paint and a decent floor. I searched for a mod that might clean the place up a bit the way I wanted and although the one interior texture mod* that I found was nice it was a bit too clean for my tastes. So, I whipped this up and thought I'd share it with you guys too.


There's now three options to choose from - 

1 - Wooden floors
2 - Concrete floors
3 - Mixed (concrete in the garage, wood for the rest)

The walls textures are the same in all three, only the floor textures are different.

It replaces the grubby walls with red and white paint which still shows a few cracks in the plaster here and there and replaces the floor with either clean simple wood planks or clean concrete that I 'm no longer worried about placing my newly crafted furniture on.

This will however replace the textures for all Red Rocket stop interiors throughout the Commonwealth however I tried to take that into consideration when making the textures so that it wouldn't look too horribly out of place in the other stations.

*If you still want something a bit cleaner and warmer then Red Rocket in Wood by Calarand77 is a nice alternative.

I used quite a few mods to get Red Rocket looking just how I wanted, I think this is most of them -

Spring Cleaning
Move That Workbench
Business Settlements
Just Rugs
Red Rockets Glare


As always install with Nexus Mod Manager or manually be extracting into your Data folder.

Made with Photoshop
All textures used are form Textures.com