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Hello, everyone. 
This is my first time creating MOD.
There are many possibilities, such as clumsiness.
At that time, I want you to tell me a lot.

I'm afraid my expressions may be rude or hard to read, because I'm not so good at English.
But please be patient. I'll study English hard.


  • Some Marking Versions are added 
I created some military-style decals and pasted them on Power Armor parts.
As a result, T-45, T-51 and T-60 are changed into U.S. Army-style. Only X-01 is changed into Enclave-style.
(This is because X-01 was created by Enclave after U.S. Army ceased to exist, so it don't have U.S. Army-style marking.)

  • X-01 leg textures are modified
Modified a part of the strange X-01 leg textures.

Select Marking

I prepared some different marking versions.
Please choose the one you like from these:

  • White Marking Version
  • Black Marking Version
  • No Marking Version    (That is mostly the same as version 1.0.0)

If you have chosen the Marking Version, the star emblem of chest parts can be changed by adding optional files (Plain White/Black Star).
These optional files works by overwriting some textures of main file.

Note: X-01 paint is exempt from this option.

About This MOD

This MOD adds new standalone Paints for all Power Armors, fit the worldview of Fallout 4.
It contains these files:

  • Texture maps (Diffuse and Specular maps)
  • Material files
  • ESP file

It is a large number of add files. Makes its own data hierarchy, with an emphasis on clarity.

  • "Data\Textures\slz\PowerArmor"
  • "Data\materials\slz\PowerArmor"

But I can't judge whether those method are good or bad...

This MOD There are three types of resolution.
Please choose one of version in accordance with the environment.

  • 4k Version     Best quality. But at the cost of performance and heavier download. Used in Screenshots.
  • 2k Version     Original size of Fallout4. It does not affect the performance.
  • 1k Version     Less details. But better performance and lighter download.

Manual Installation

  • Simply extract the contents of the archive you downloaded inside your Fallout 4 "Data" folder.
  • Edit your Fallout4.ini if you haven't done so already.
Edit "sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\" and then change it to "sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, MATERIALS\"
  • And finally enable the Tan_Paint_PA.esp either via a mod loader/manager or by editings your plugins.txt

Credits and Thanks

It was very helpful for me in many respects.
Used in Screenshots. I really love his ENB Presets.

Please forgive me of the awkward English.
Thank you for reading.