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The live action trailer had shown Mr. Handy with lighted eyes so I've added spotlights to Codsworth and all Handy models eyes including Gutsy and Nanny. Spotlights also included in all Automatron eyes added in the Robot Workbench under Handy Torso.

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DLC Update Released!

This adds lights to all eyes found under Handy Torso in the Robot Workbench along with the vanilla eyes. Does NOT include Actuated and Hydraulic Eye Frames but I will be adding lights to both once I figure out a place to put them that I'm happy with.  this works for all Handy models encountered in the Commonwealth as well (Handy, Gutsy and Nanny)
Lights turn off while sneaking and during the day.  It will take a moment for the lights to turn on after leaving the Robot Workbench and a moment to turn off when entering sneak.

Now Available on Xbox One.

1.1b Mini-Update

*Nothing new added .. it just uses archives now.  Everything works as it did before. 

*Glowmap versions are available

Changes in 1.1a

*Now has ESP files.

*Pre-War is available.

*The new Iris and Glowmap are now available.

*Automatron DLC is now REQUIRED.  (I will add a base game version if there is a high demand for it .. or you could just download the old version 0.2).

*New file structure makes the Iris, GlowMap and Pre-War textures ONLY effect Codsworth.  However, lights will always effect any Handy models you make or encounter.  This was done to maximize compatibility with other mods that change the Handy Textures.

*New Iris patches are available in the Optional Downloads section.  These patches will add the new Iris or the Iris and the GlowMap to all Handy models you make or encounter.  These patches are version specific. You will need to download the one that matches the main version you have.  Example: Live Action Handy -_Pre-War - With Iris and GlowMap  pairs with Live Action Handy - Iris Patch - Pre-War - With Glowmap.

Live Action Handy and Live Action Handy - With Iris and GlowMap (and their respective patches) are completely compatible with Automatron Mr. Handy Factory Paint by MAL22
 with no loss of features.  My Pre-War version has limited compatibility.  They work fine together but you can only add decals.  Paints will not work with my Pre-War.

REMEMBER!  This only adds lights to eyes located under HANDY TORSO in the ROBOT WORKBENCH and to every other model encountered!



-Make an installer to make it easier to get the version you want and with what color...and such..



This mod is very intense with lens flares enabled!
 I do not know how to change the intensity of that..You can toggle them on and off by pressing ~ and typing lf on or lf off and decide for yourself what you like more.

Character Light:
 You can toggle this on and off in console commands or making a change in the custom ini.  Press ~ and type cl on or cl off.

Turn on NPC Shadow Caster Lights: Navigate to Documents\My Games\Fallout 4 and open your Fallout4prefs.ini look for the line bAllowShadowcasterNPCLights=0 and change it to this bAllowShadowcasterNPCLights=1

NOTE: Enabling ShadowCasterNPCLights can cause anywhere from a very small to very severe performance hit depending on your PC specs or area you are currently in during the game.  If you experience any issues you can turn down your shadow settings in the launcher
or make a custom shadow setting in the ini file to see if you can get something stable ... If all else fails set it back to 0.

Installation Instuctions
 - Use NMM or follow Manual Install instructions

Manual Install (Main Version)
- Extract the Data folder in the zip file to your game folder  (usually - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4)

Manual Uninstall -Remove all files installed by mod

*This mod will only conflict with mods that change textures,materials, and meshes of Mr. Handy.  But mainly just the Meshes.  Textures will just overwrite mine..lights will still work perfectly fine in that situation.  

*My Pre-War Version has limited compatibility with Automatron Mr. Handy Factory Paint.  Decals are able to be used but paint is not. The Pre-War version I provide is basically only for people who do not want to use Automatron Mr. Handy Factory Paint.  If you use that mod just install the vanilla version of mine and everything will work as intended.

I am brand new to modding this game and really any Bethesda game but if an issue does arise just let me know and I will try to fix it to the best of my ability.

If you like this mod don't forget to endorse! And don't be shy about suggestions on how to make this better!

These mods are used in ALL screenshots!

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Thanks to roxas00145 for letting me use his texture and MyVirtualMe for giving me the idea!  Thanks also to MAL22 for letting me take a closer look at their mod!