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Adds Diane as a follower. She does not take up a follower slot, so you can have another follower as well as her.

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Pre-CK mod...

It's a follower named Diane. 

Compatible with Creature Follower ESP if you use that mod as well you will be able to have three followers total

Go to Vault 111 exterior and click on Diane in console(don't worry if she is in a frozen statuelike state)

Use the console command :

(After clicking on her)

"bat diane"

to get Diane to follow you around. 

If you don't like her looks check her refid(when you click on her in console) and then type:

showlooksmenu refid(the id you see when you click on her)

to open the character creation menu

To load the mod into the game edit this file:
C:\Users\<Your windows user name>\AppData\Local\Fallout4\plugins.txt
...and add Diane.esp to the list of mods to load. Make sure to mark the file as read-only after you edit it!
or Use a mod manager.