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Allows you to craft the Homing Beacon

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I dont understand why nobody has made this mod yet.  I have multiple crafting mods and none of them have this.  Ive been playing Fallout pretty much nonstop since it came out and im just now discovering the homing beacon lol, immiedieatly created the mod when I did. 

Had to remove the Featured Item tag cause it was causing issues when you craft it, 99% sure that shouldnt affect the quest or anything, all that does is pause the game and give that full screen description like when you pick up a legendary weapon.  Im using fallout loot overhaul and the recipe I made makes sense for my game, if you want a more hardcore recipe you can request it.

Compatibility - will override weapon racks so if your using that load this after weapon racks.  If somebody absolutley must have a compatibility patch for weapon racks cause you feel the need to display your homing beacons, I can make it i guess.  -Pre Compatible with sorting mods.

Installation - you should know how to install a mod by now =D