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  1. Ceaseless
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    Don't forget to endorse!

    Optional Files Added:

    Sign - Inside Light Only
    Sign - Outline Light Only
    Without Rocket Light (keeps default/vanilla lights)
    FILLUP STATION (Added Mar 14 - seen around some of the roads)

    I'm working on adding some extra touches soon.

    Updated v1.2. Just a minor update: fixed part of the roof that wasn't lit and was overlooked in v1. Toned down some of the lighting. Brought back some texture.

    Hot Files!
    Thanks to all of your contributions and those that featured the mod in your videos and your mod pages! I didn't know it was in the Hot files until I read aeromia's comment. I'm currently working on another similar mod which is a bit more widespread and it's almost done. Thanks to all users!

    Special Thanks to Janet M., Matt L., Joel T.!
    Very Special Thanks to nowachi! I appreciate it!

    Also, check out the latest in Starlight Drive-In And Diner - Lighting

    Bus Stop - Lighting
    Radioactive Signs - Lighting

    Check out PDE Youtube for the latest updates and new projects
    1. grands4everyone
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      Edit - Nevermind...
  2. Ceaseless
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    I wanted to update you all about my next mods. I have been trying to release parts because what I'm working on takes a lot of time. I have 2 big mods and a smaller mod after those. The big mods will have feedback from you all on what should be and what shouldn't when I release it. The first one I'm releasing will spill out all over the land and the downside with it is it will even be in places not expected due to the nature of how things share with others.

    For now, 1000 endorsements, I'll be releasing an update to this mod, but it's not a simple update. it will be on its own page so look out for it. Thanks to those that support me. It helps a lot. Thank you all. It will be released soon.
  3. rhyso1987
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    After seeing this mod and looking at the Red Rocket Logo with more than a glance because of it.........does it annoy anyone else that each and every single Red Rocket sign on the stations are decayed/destroyed in the exact same way? Each and every single one has fallen apart identically.....that really bugs me. (Great mod btw!)
  4. timbrolilo
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    hey can you make a version where the glow is brighter?
    i use stalker lights enb and reshade + darker night (darkest) and it looks so dim withjt hese mods

    thank you very much really great mod
  5. abelincoln4
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    Great mod.
  6. xxPEPE666xx
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    This is one of those mods that you didn't know you absolutly wanted it until you try it. Fantastic job, it add a little je ne sait quoi
  7. BeenieBomb
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    Omg thank you! I figured my character would get the sign working again, what after building an industry level workshop and military grade defense system, lol! Also thanks for adding the rocket light up exclusion, very thoughtful :D
  8. ModderMatt
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    cannot delete your " Glare " file from my computer will not allow me to take control of the file in fact it will not let me activate it on the Nexus Mod Manager
    • member
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    Hello Ceaseless, thank you very much for this awesome mod, but sadly i can't get it to work. The lights are so dimmed that i can't see the glow. I use Vivid Weathers mod which makes the night darker, not so dark as Darker Nights though, but it's dark enough to notice the glowing. I've tested without the ENB i use (Decent enb), but no gain. I've tried the Redone one but nothing changes. I've checked if all the files are in right places and they are. I don't know what should i do now. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Here some of the screens:

  10. Sebastianus
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    Well, lore friendly speaking (as much as we assume Bethesda's Fallout is Fallout) we know that cities can have working, underground power grids and generators, which means lights may still work and be active.

    I'll see myself out now.
    1. Loveblanket
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      I always just like to think they have some kind of "battery of the future" technology where fusion batteries power these things for centuries if they remain undamaged. And honestly, I could care less about lore when something looks as cool as this. Lore is like rules, both are meant to be broken.
    2. Dubbyk
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      We see tons of lights working in other fallout games. Fusion battery's power sentry bots and formally power armor for 100s of years, I would think compared to a robots power demands lights would be cake. And if you looked at the emergency lights in fallout 3 you can see a fusion battery attached to the light, and it looks like a factory prewar attachment not a post war jury rig. Means those lights have been running non stop for 200 years.
  11. arisutan
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    for me all the tubing and the fuel pump thingies were glowing red too, it looked awful! is that meant to happen?
    1. Ceaseless
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      Something went wrong with your install. It should look like it looks in the pictures and video.
  12. Jasonicos
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    Could you make a file that deletes the "C" letter?
    Because I don`t want to repair my whole Red Rocket, just that 1 letter.
    1. Ceaseless
      • supporter
      • 1,206 posts
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      This mod doesn't do anything physical to Red Rocket. It just adds to the look. Check out something like a Red Rocket Repaired or other mods that deals with that.