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A simple immersive mod that gets rid of all that annoying, repetitive ambient music. Turning it off let you enjoy the grim atmosphere of Commonwealth Wastelands at its best. You can customize it by choosing what music you might want to keep.

Info in italiano incluse.

Permissions and credits
Credits to Temesia for her background photo.

EDIT: I don't support this mod anymore, since I can't afford Fallout4 DLCs at the moment. This mod will still work in the majority of places, exception made for the ones that are added to the game as new contents (e.g. The Mechanist's Lair featured on Automatron DLC).


Welcome in the Commonwealth, Sole Survivor! This mod simply mutes all the annoying, unimmersive and repetitive ambient music (that one you can hear while exploring cities, wastelands and dungeons) for a more vivid experience. You really won't know how terrifying a deathclaw roar is, or how oppressive the silence of a cave, how upsetting a violent radstorm, how pleasing sitting near a warm fireplace... until you'll mute those annoying tracks with this mod. Special Events music (like Vault 111 Door opening theme, Perk-table-opening-on-level-up jingle, unique location discovery) imho are great for emphasizing some epic moments, so this mod leaves them untouched - unless you'll choose the "Mute Special Events" option!

Another good news is that this mod is fully customizable! You can now adapt it to your own tastes: as of 1.1.0, there are 4 themes you can choose to keep, and 1 soundfx you can mute.

The tracks you can decide to keep:
1. Combat tracks: you know, epic tracks for a little thrill! These tracks play when fighting against a generic enemy.
2. Boss tracks: even moar epic tracks for even moar thrill! These tracks play when fighting against an high-level boss.
3. Factions themes: feel the power of BoS! These tracks play when entering in the Minuteman, BoS, Railroad and Institute HQ.
4. Diamond City theme: shine on, you crazy Diamond! This theme plays when walking by the streets of Diamond City. Credits to crazyjackal.

The sound you can decide to mute:
a. Mute Home Plate Rumble Noise: that generic "whoooooom" rumble that you can hear inside Home Plate player house in Diamond City can make you crazy! Now you can mute it. Credits to canisoftlykissu.
b. ***NEW IN 1.2.0!*** Mute Special Events: for those hardcore immersionologists that hate any interference during the gaming experience. You can still choose what tracks you'll want to hear. Credits to Robbazching.

Additional informations in the installer. Not what you were looking for? You can request it! See below for details ;)

Of course, radio stations won't be affected since you decide when to play them.

-----------------------------------------------------VIDEO SHOWCASE-----------------------------------------------------

Seriously, too many of you are asking me this question. It's all written before: if you turn off Music, it will turn EVERY music off. The aim of this mod is to select which tracks you want to be played and which ones you don't want to listen.

You're alone in a dangerous wasteland. Everything around you seems to be destroyed. Ruins of an ancient, happy (?) civilization.
Then that music starts. That really annoying music. The same you've been listening thousands and thousands of times. You try to ignore it, but it simply gets louder. You might try to return at your home, maybe listening soft, classical music near the fireplace... but that music keeps on playing. Goddammit! If only there was a method to stop this horrible noise...

Of course it is. MxR mod's immersionologist would say this is SUPER-DUPER-IMMERSIVE. Without doubts.

Since it is a very simple mod, there would be no compatibility or performance issues at all.
Also, adding background music or new radio stations with other mods won't affect them.
This mod works by removing lines that point to a music track file, so it doesn't needs any dummy audio file: this mod will make the game engine even lighter for your CPU and could solve audio issues or stuttering, as reported by some users.
Mods like TrueStorms - Wasteland edition or Nuclear Weather are 100% compatible - they are 100% recommended too!

It is only incompatible with any other mod that, similarly to this, unchecks music tracks (like ImmersiveSilence by MaudKon) - there would be no bugs or crash or save loss, but load order will determine which one would prevail on the other.

I like to keep Combat, Boss and Factions theme. This version gets rid of all that annoying exploring themes, which you have been listening tons of times, but it still leaves Combat and Boss fighting themes, you know, for a little thrill! (Try playing on Survival, believe me, one really needs some adrenaline rush). Also, it leaves intact Factions themes, because it's good to hear the BoS theme when you SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILER. LOL. YOU GOT IT.
Special Events imho music should be left untouched to emphasize some epic moments.

As long as I can do it, don't worry - in the Miscellaneous section of Downloads page, you'll find some special versions made by your demand. You can ask me via pm or comment to unlock or lock some special tunes (e.g. those that play at Diamond City). I'll make sure to credit the idea to you ;)
However, since atm is humanly impossible to edit every single location tune (at least, it's impossible for me, until G.E.C.K.) or select specific tracks, I do not guarantee fully support for this versions (no bugs, but it's possible that the same tune could play elsewhere).

Functional Weapon Racks - Traduzione ITA

1. Download the Installer in the downloads page.
2. Install it, choosing your favorite version. Enable it via Nexus Mod Manager.
3. Play it.

1a. Download .zip file from "Optional files" sections. Choose only one option.
2a. Copy SoundOfSilence - xxxx.esp into your .../Data (from your installation folder).
3a. Open plugins.txt which you can find at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Fallout4 and add the name of the .esp you choose (e.g. SoundOfSilence - CFBE.esp).

VERSION 1.2.1 CHANGELOG (13/03/2016):
- Minor fix: removed some Vault music that kept on playing in some dungeons.

VERSION 1.2.0 CHANGELOG (13/03/2016):
- Added the option to remove Special Events music jingles (credits to Robbazching).

VERSION 1.1.1 CHANGELOG (15/02/2016):
- Minor fix: added NoMore_HP_noise.esp compatibility with Home Plate Full Workbench by g10stpd. Please install my mod after his.

VERSION 1.1.0 CHANGELOG (14/02/2016):
- MAJOR FIX: solved a BE version issue, now all generic Combat themes are muted.
- Brand new fully-customizable modular installer.
- DiamondCity option is no more limited to CFBE version (only in installer version).
- Added standalone No_HP_noise.esp option by request (credits to canisoftlykissu).

VERSION 1.0.2 CHANGELOG (13/02/2016):
- Few fixes in installer descriptions.
- Resolved an odd issue with NMM which didn't recognize 1.0.1 version, asking for update.

VERSION 1.0.1 CHANGELOG (11/02/2016):
- Added FOMOD installer version.
- NOTE: If you have 1.0 already installed, you don't need to update since the installer version doesn't change anything.

VERSION 1.0 CHANGELOG (04/02/2016):
- First published version. 
- It comes with 4 different options (CFBE, CBE, BE, E) plus a special CFBE+DiamondCity.esp option by request (credits to crazyjackal).

Sorry for mistakes, English is not my native language.
Let me know for any suggestions, bugs or anything else.

Thank you for downloading!