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Similar to the Field Outfits in my Hellsing mod, but for the games Major military factions.
( Requested by UntouchedShadow )

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Similar to the Field Outfits in my Hellsing mod, but for the games military type factions. Lore-friendly, whoo!

Recommend to use with my
Balaclava mod.

Also a glove mod like "Gloves of the Commonwealth" or "Armorsmith Extended"



You can add these armors to your inventory right away with the console "~"

help "Field Outfit" 4
help "Beret" 4
help "Operator Cap" 4
help "Security Helmet" 4
help "Knit Cap" 4

To get the [Item IDs]

Then Type:
player.additem [Item ID] 1


Factions Available

  • Brotherhood of Steel [ BoS ]
  • Minutemen [ Min ]
  • Institute [ Ins ]
  • Railroad [ Rai ]
  • Gunners [ Gun ]

Now available in leveled lists. Faction armors will spawn on their appropriate factions.
Colors without emblems may spawn on armor vendors or on settlers and random NPCs.
(  Thanks to VicktorCorvier for getting me started. Kudos! )

Colors Available:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Black
  • Grey

For even more settler color coding.
(I will not be doing requests for any more colors.)

Hats Available:

  • Beret                       (Colors and Emblems)
  • Operator Cap          (Colors Only)
  • Security Helmet      (Colors and Emblems)
  • Knit Cap                  (Colors Only)


V1.5 - Alternate (Optional) - Added leveled lists version for Alternate.esp
V1.5 - Alternate (Optional) - Added a version without factions. Emblem versions removed. Just colors.
V1.5 - Update (Optional Leveled Lists Addon) - Hats. Hats freakin' everywhere. 
V1.5 - Update - Hats (Knit Cap) - Colors Only (7 Variants)
V1.4 - Update - Hats (Security Helmet) - Retextured Vault Security Helmet, Colors and Emblems (12 Variants)
V1.3 - Update - Hats (Caps) - Baseball/Operator Caps, Colors Only (7 Variants) No emblems. Problem getting them to line up front & center on cap, the texture meets up at 3 freakin' places. Try again at another point maybe when I'm less frustrated with it. Possibly in a different position.
V1.2 - Update - Hats (Berets) - Cutting back to just Berets for this release, so you get some hats sooner. See SOAP BOX for why. (12 Variants)
V1.1B - Bug Fixes - New .nif mashup with full body (with mostly fixed clipping issues as far as I know) to fix the invisible wrist issue for NPCs. Also fixed material files, they were missing the "Two-Sided" flag so the flap that hangs down between the legs was before not rendering properly. You probably didn't notice, but I did. Fixed. Yay.
V1.1 - Update (Optional Leveled Lists Addon) - Initial Release, just the body armors.
V1.1 - Update - Colors without emblems, +2 additional colors. (Bringing total outfits to 12)
V1.0 - Initial Release - Just 5 Field Outfits: BoS, Minutemen, Institute, Railroad, Gunners


(Miscellaneous Files)
  • FFO Work Files - The files I used to make this mod, free to use for you to create your own retextures for my edited .nif files.
  • Kryptek Camo Experiment - I was playing around testing how easy it would be to apply camo variants to the texture. Not too bad, came up with a couple that look decent. See images section for example or download to check it out. There are a few textures prepped ready to swap if you wanted to replace FFO textures with them.

Faction Bandanas - By Shfordov They did some great textures for Bandanas to match the FFO set in the optional files. :)