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This is the infamous M82a mod by Alexscorpion, a true and beautiful piece of art of an Anti-Materiel Rifle that Fallout4 deserves. Brought to you all by Amoveve (Niar26)

Permissions and credits
The M82a3 that we all loved from FNV made by Alexscorpion is now back into business with brand new things, like slightly improved textures, fixed and flipped model, fully working bolt and trigger animation, Magazine reloading correctly without clipping and/or weird hand positions.

Until we can finally change Animation Packages (since using keywords have you use a set of animations without letting you choose individual 1st, 3rd and reloading/recoil animations), this weapon only utilizes the CombatShotgun/Rifle animations. 1st Person is a bit big, but nothing too much gamebreaking. When we can finally work on it, i'll have it use the SMG 1st person pose. 

The Weapon now has an innate Armor Penetration. Future Recievers will also change this stat,aswell as others (Like Damage, Crit chance, fire rate, etc). For now, only 6 mods can be built: 

  • Long Scope
  • Long Night Vision Scope
  • Recon Scope
  • Silenced Muzzle
  • No Bipod Barrel
  • New Hair Trigger Reciever

Custom sounds are used for the weapon!


For some odd reason, it requires Legendary Modifications mods. If someone manages to fix this, i would be grateful. Without the LM mod, the weapon won't be shown in the workbench. I definetly and honestly don't know why this weird phenomenom is happening.

No requirements whatsoever, except the game itself.

It can be found on high level Gunners, Raiders, and npcs. There is a 100% Chance that it will be used, at any level, from a Sniper NPC that will try to kill you no matter what. This NPC is a possible easter egg to another one present in Fallout 3, acting in the exact same way. No more hints :D

You can also spawn it using console: Type help m82 4 and use the code it says. "player.additem XX(where XX stands for the load mod number)000813"

To do list:
Add it to leveled list Done!
Make it craftable
Fix this weird LM dependency. Done!


-Weird collision mesh when dropped on ground. I believe i can fix this, but i need to redo a few things.. SO it will take a while
-Double barrel slot in the workbench: can't really understand why this is happening, but i'm working on resolving this aswell
-Possible bug: In alpha the weapon got reported to have accuracy issues. Maybe beta might have fixed it.

A few Video Reviews of the M82a3 AMR! Kudos to you all!


Post as many screenshots as you can. We are going to have fun!.

Credits: Alexscorpion for base assets. Kudos to him for making this perfection a reality in Fallout.
Bethesda: for the game
Fo4edit creators

Done using Nifskope, Fo4edit, 3dsmax, and maybe something more which i dont remember ( or maybe i do? secrets :D)