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Combines Satellite World Map and Color Map. No ESP required. New features included.

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This is a replacer for your World Map in your Pip-Boy. It's a combination of Satellite World Map by FloorBelow and Color Map by VirusZ. It is a texture replacer and of the correct size so no ESP file is required. The map itself gives a satellite view of the Commonwealth made using the game's LoD meshes and textures. This map has icons for settlements, vaults, power armor, military bases, metros, police stations, magazines, discoverable locations (optional), and roads + railroads (optional). You'll discover many varieties of options in terms of what icons should appear on your map during the installation process, and this particular map features a more accurate boundary line. Oh yes, I painstakingly (with god mode and tons of run speed gear) ran around the edge of the entire wasteland just for you, so I could discover where the boundaries actually are. What was ever the point of a border on the map that didn't even represent any kind of boundary anyways? Sheesh. Get your stuff together, Bethesda.

Aside from the new boundary lines and the combining of those two maps, the icons being used have also been updated and the grid for the map has been made more like we're used to. The outer boundaries were manually fixed, because the original large black grid from the Satellite World Map was actually the individual meshes of the LoD and they didn't quite meet seamlessly. So... clone stamp, bitches!

I was going to remove the large black grid from Satellite World Map from the entire map (which would have been kind of a pain in the ass tbh) but it occurred to me that it would be more useful if there was a grid there. And so, I completely remade the grid - I even pulled out a calculator to figure out the exact size each square needed to be (hey, I was really proud of myself about that... I suck at math. For real.) - and now it's labeled with coordinates. That way it's easier to tell your friends where to find something. Like, "I ran into this crazy overpowered deathclaw at 1C-30, so don't go there! Or, uh... I mean... Forget what I said. There's tons of loot just laying around at 1C-30, go there immediately... and uh... don't save for a few hours before that. Yeah. Do that. >:]" Anyways, I'm sure you all will figure out some kind of use for it.

There are two primary editions: Vault Boy bobbleheads, or Vault Girl bobbleheads. We have replacers for the bobbleheads already and we'll surely have a full interface replacer sometime soon; so, we may as well have a matching map. Each of these types includes several variations: all features, no location markers, no location markers and no roads, and just no roads. You can choose which you prefer during the FOMOD installation.

"But Xun, I don't use NMM." Well, then you can manually install! The folders are named pretty intuitively, and here's how you do it...

Manual Installation:
  1. Extract archive.
  2. Choose your desired flavor, and open that folder (e.g. VG-All).
  3. Copy "worldmap_d.dds" to "textures\interface\pip-boy" in your Data folder.
  4. Done!

All of this shit's in color. That means it's not going to be just pure pink or green or whatever the heck you have your Pip-Boy color set as. It's not going to look like that though unless you do some wizardry in your ini files first. Now look, before I continue... I'm just going to be up front with you: The entire interface for your Pip-Boy will be white after this, but the rest of your UI will be unaffected. So, weigh whether you want a color map & white pip-boy UI or if you'll just settle for a monotone map. Your choice.

To get it in color you're going to need to navigate to Documents\My Games\Fallout4 and either edit your existing file or create a new file called Fallout4Custom.ini and it needs to have this:


Now, if your map doesn't work at all - dude, have you done any texture or mesh replacer mods yet? - then you'll need to edit your Fallout4.ini and under [Archive] you'll want to add this line:


And if you have anything after sResourceDataDirsFinal= then delete all that shit after it because it makes your game load like a sloth stoned out of its mind. Seriously. This will be your game's load speeds:

You don't want that. Or maybe you do. I don't know. I'm not the boss of you. Do what you want.

Moving on!

So, my map is the same resolution as the 8K Satellite Map. I know what you're thinking...

"mmm... 8K... high res... want..."

But, my map is only 4K.

I have a good reason though. The 8k Satellite Map had a ton of extra map area that quite frankly isn't really necessary. Once you crop the map to just the actual map area (which is why this map doesn't require an ESP), then it's the same resolution as it was with the 8K even though it's 4K.

Aaand, uh... that's pretty much it.


Satellite World Map by FloorBelow, for the satellite map. Used with permission.
Color Map by VirusZ, for icon placement, some icons, and inspiration. Used with permission.
JAMA / Armor Location Map by Nixsy, for the roads & railroads. Used with permission.
Shadman for vault girl's icon. Shadman is awesome. Check out Shadman's art. Uhh... if you're over 18. Definitely... only... if you're over 18...
Fallout 4 Map on Reddit by koolkyle802 which I used for placing magazine locations.

Oh!!! I almost forgot!!!

That little fucking red thing. What the fuck was that?:

Well, I'll tell you what the fuck that was...

It was THIS. Open that in a new tab and look at it. Things will make sense.

It still looked kind of ghetto though, but it got better:

You're welcome.

1.3 - Feb 15, 2016 New!
-Placed the Agility bobblehead icon back at the FMS Northern Star, whose icon was incorrectly removed and placed on Spectacle Island in 1.2 as the Luck bobblehead that was added to Spectacle Island.
-Replaced location dots with small question marks. I did this because even as the map maker I didn't keep locations on because they cluttered the map.
-Location renamed to Point of Interest.
-Vault icons were made smaller.
-Metro icons were made smaller.
-Military base icons were made smaller.
-Power armor icons were made smaller.
-Settlement icons were updated to look more like a house, made light brown, and made somewhat smaller.
-Bobblehead icons were made smaller.
-Russian version added to misc files (as one was requested).
1.2 - Feb 7, 2016
-Corrected location of Luck Bobblehead.
-Removed incorrectly placed bobblehead locations from Lexington.
-Moved Perception Bobblehead closer to the Museum of Freedom.
-Moved Concord power armor to roof of Museum of Freedom.
-Added a missing power armor location.
-Added magazine locations. They're all likely a bit off so just assume "in this general area."
-All roads + railroads are now the faint version.
-Boston Commons area roads made significantly more defined for easier navigation.
-Removed variations: VB-NoRoad, VG-NoRoad, VB-NoLocFaintRoads, VG-NoLocFaintRoads, VB-NoLocNoRoad, VG-NoLocNoRoad. Why? I think the faint roads look better with a satellite map and there were starting to be far too many versions to maintain.
-Added variation: No Special: Removes the bobblehead, power armor, and magazine icons.
-Lighter grid for all variations except mono.
-Fixed a power armor icon so it looks better without full roads.
1.1 - Feb 3, 2016
-Adds the bridge outside sanctuary which was previously missing.
-Removes the vault icon from Vault 111. Why, you might ask? Well, it's impossible not to discover so it's pointless.
-Adds two new versions: Clean with only roads and clean with only faint roads.
-Adds two new variations: Vault Girl bobbleheads + no locations + faint roads, and Vault Boy bobbleheads + no locations + faint roads. This was previously the XunCustom.
1.0 - Feb 2, 2016
-Initial release.