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Bloatfly like syringes on a legendary level. Adds over 20 new ammo options to the syringer.

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Ever seen a deathclaw burst from a mans chest all alien style? Well now you can.

Takes the concept of the bloatfly syringe and goes a little too far with it.


Adds 25 New Spawn on Death Syringes, comprised of legendary's, boss npc's and a gorilla. Also changes the vanilla bloatfly syringe to a legendary spawn.
The syringes each use the vanilla legendary npc level lists, so they will scale with you and include all the variants of each npc.
Added unique crafting recipes listed in the vanilla syringer crafting list found at the chemisty workbench.
Hit ~ to get into the console, type "help larva 4 alch" and you'll be provided with a list of the formID's. Use the usual "player.additem formid amount" to add them directly to your inventory. 

The List!
  1. Assaultron
  2. Bloatfly
  3. Bloodbug
  4. Deathclaw
  5. Feral Ghoul
  6. Glowing One
  7. Gorilla
  8. Gunner
  9. Institute Synth
  10. Mirelurk
  11. Molerat
  12. Mr Gutsy
  13. Mutant Hound
  14. Radroach
  15. Radscorpion
  16. Radstag
  17. Raider
  18. Sentry Bot
  19. Stingwing
  20. Super Mutant
  21. Synth
  22. Vicious Dog
  23. You Guai
  24. Swan
  25. Mirelurk Queen
  26. Behemoth


Recommend using NMM,and install as any other mod.


Let me know if I missed any that you think should be on the list!

Misc Info
Only adds new ammo, so no compatibility issues.
Made entirely with FO4Edit.
Still use mod at own risk I suppose.

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As always - Any comments, bugs, or suggestions always welcomed.