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This will add funny sounds when you die.

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FO4 Funny Death Sounds

This will add 3 funny sounds; one of which will play when you die. The sounds are:

1) Sad trombone
2) Pac-man death sound
3) Price is Right failure

--> You can preview the sounds in the "Videos" tab.


(use NMM): Click the button!
Extract "death" folder into Fallout4\Data\music

-Open "Fallout4.ini" which is located in "my games/Fallout 4"
-Find this under [Archive]:  sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, 
and change it to:  sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, MUSIC\ 
-Save the "Fallout4.ini" file.

Strongly recommended: "Longer deathcam by TAZ" at 
Otherwise, the sound will get cut off by the auto-reload of your last saved game.

Delete the "death" folder from your music folder. Alternatively, you can delete the 3 XWN files if you 
want to put your own death sounds in.

I did not create these files. They are free files from:  http://soundfxnow.com/
You can go to that web site to preview the sounds, if you like.