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Overhauls the Raider Armor sets to something that makes a bit more sense. Also, makes them Bodyslide compatible.

Permissions and credits
**Now at v1.2

fixed CTD when equipping hardened or buttressed armor. Install and run Bodyslide on Raider Torso Heavy 2

If you installed the original, please take the following steps:

1. Download v.1.2
2. Navigate to Fallout 4\Data\
3. delete the filepath FO4\Meshes\Armor\RaiderHeavy02
4. Navigate to Fallout 4\Data\meshes\Armor\RaiderModArmor
5. Delete LiteTorso2 and
6. Install Raider Armor Overhaul v 1.1
7. Run Bodyslide

Changes in v. 1.1
Fixed the following to write to the correct path:
Raider Torso Light 2
Raider Torso Light 3
Raider Torso Heavy 2
Raider Leg Heavy R 2

*Special thanks to faeriexdecay for pointing these out to me!*

When I went to convert the raider armors to be Bodyslide compatibale, all the hoses and canisters mounted to the chest plates would skew horribly with even moderate adjustments.  Also, it really doesn't make sense to have hoses and tanks mounted to armor if they aren't actually serving a purpose.  With this thought in mind, I did a little mix'n'matching from other armor types (metal and leather) to give them a bit of diversity, but also give them a more "scrounged" feel.

1. Using your mod manager of choice, install the file
2. Run Bodyslide and apply your own style to the armors list shown in the pictures section
3. enjoy!

Known Issues:
- Certain adjustments will greatly skew/stretch/destroy the armor cohesion.  Long story short, Super large breasts and pregnant bellies don't go well with armors.

Anything that doesn't change the meshes for Raider armors.

Thanks to the following for doing such awesome work and inspiring me to release my own small edits:
Bethesda!  Seriously, We need more developers that are so mod friendly!

If you want to use these meshes for something else, please give me credit and link back here!