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With this mod you can craft BOS Barricades. Each barricade piece has a bunch of snap nodes attached to them. You can connect the barricades to floors or wooden ladders and choose one of two battlements for them.

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What it does:

This mod allows you to build snapable Brotherhood of Steel Barricades. These barricades have a bunch of snap nodes. You can connect them to each other or to vanilla floors and stairs. For a nice even walkway you should place a connector between two segments.

You can attach three plates to the straight barricades: a large one for filling the hole beneath the walkway and two other plates you can use as battlements. As adding collision is pain currently, I only added the large plate for straight barricade segments. The curves will follow as soon as I figure out how to give them acceptable collision.

You can find the barricades under "Structures > Fences > Misc Fences".


Known Issues:

  • Collision of the large plate is not perfect, as I reused the collision object of vanilla shack wall.
  • The texture of the large plate is ugly, because the UV map somehow broke while exporting from 3ds Max.
  • Sometimes the connector between two segments does not snap.
  • The walkways have no navmesh (=> pathing information) attached, so NPC won't walk on them.

I will definitely update this mod when I manage to fix these issues. Anyway some of them need to wait until the CK comes out. Furthermore there are a few barricade segments I did not add yet (mainly different types of stairs). 

How to install:

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  2. Copy contents into the Data folder inside your Fallout 4 installation directory.
  3. Activate Craftable BOS Barricade.esp in your favorite mod manager.

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