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Tweaks the Night Vision effect used in Night Person Rank 2 so that it Night Vision only activates in certain lighting conditions while sneaking during the night time hours. Designed to be used with the Darker Nights mod.

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UPDATE: Uploaded a  "Far Harbor" version fixing a conflict with the DLC which added a third rank to the Perk.


This mod changes how the Night Eye effect is activated when you have the Night Person Rank 2 Perk.  The Vanilla version of the perk has Night Eye always active while sneaking during the hours between 6pm and 6am, ignoring all lighting conditions no matter how brightly lit the area may be.  So even in a well lit exterior/interior the effect will remain active while sneaking which causes the image to be to be way to overexposed in well lighted areas and making things more difficult to see in these overexposed lighted areas.  This mod helps to fix this ...some what.  With this mod, whenever you are sneaking in the dark at night, the Night Vision effect will be active and when you sneak into well light area, which could be an area lit up by a candle or any light bulb source, the Night Vision effect will disable and then re-enable when you go back into a darkened area.  Turning ON the Pipboy Lamp will also disable the Night Vision effect.  This creates a pretty cool semi-eye adaptation effect that is quite immersive.  I also removed the radial blur effect, so there is no more blurry vignette effect when Night Vision is activated.

That said, this mod does not prevent the Night Vision over exposure effect when Night Vision is turned on, because this mod does not make any more changes to the Night Vision Image Space Adapter settings other then the radial blur effect.  (I might at some future time create optional plugins that tweaks the image space adapter setting for Night Vision.)  Night vision is also prone to bugs, which is a game engine bug, and hopefully will be addressed by Bethesda in a future patch.  All other perk effects are unchanged and work as they do in the vanilla perk.

Night Person Rank 2 - Night Vision Tweak is intended to be used with the Darker Nights mod and works with all seven light level options. For the best experience with this mod, I recommend Darker Nights Darkest (level 0) to Medium (level 3) options.

This mod, however, can be used with Vanilla lighting but has a totally different effect without the darker light settings.  This effect being the Night Vision Effect never activating in nearly all places.  This could be a nice alternative to my other mod "Night Person Rank 2 - No Night Vision" which that mod removes the effect from the perk entirely, as Vanilla lighting is so bright in most places that the Night Vision effect is pretty useless and doesn't do anything other then make everything look worse and harder to see.  With this mod you might get a positive effect were the mod might just happen to work in a few places were the lighting might be dark enough that the Night Vision Effect might actually work... and be helpful.


This mod does not have any conflicts with Darker Nights mod itself, however this mod will have some conflicts with other mods that make changes to the Night Vision Rank 2 perk and Night Vision Image Space Adapter settings.  A few mods I know that have conflicts are the Darker Nights optional Better Night Vision plugin, Alternative Vision (from the same author of Darker Nights), and Night vision goggles and night person tweak.

Conflict Resolution:

  • If using Darker Nights optional Better Night Vision plugin or Alternative Vision, place "BetterNightVision.esp" or "AltNightPerson.esp" after "NightPersonVisionTweak.esp"

  • If using Night vision goggles and night person tweak, place "NightPersonVisionTweak.esp" after "NV_G&L_1.1.esp"

To best resolve the conflicts, it is recommended to use LOOT.  LOOT will sort Darker Nights and Alternative Vision plugins correctly but sorts the Night Vision Goggles plugin incorrectly. You will have to add a Meta Rule to my plugin so that LOOT will correctly sort my mods plugin after the Night Vision Goggles plugin.

If you do not know how to create a meta rule in LOOT, here is how you you do it:

  1. Launch LOOT.

  2. Find "NightPersonVisionTweak.esp" in the left column and double leftt-click on it. A box will open on the right column highlighting the "NightPersonVisionTweak.esp" meta rules editor.

  3. Now click on "LOAD AFTER" in the box.

  4. Now find the "NV_G&L_1.esp" over in the Left column.  Click-hold and drag it over to over next to the "+" sign, under Filename and Display Name.  "NV_G&L_1.esp" should now be listed in the box with a Trash Can icon over to its right.  If you you accidentally dragged the wrong plugin, just click on the trash can to delete meta rule and try again.

  5. Click on the blue check mark in the upper right-hand corner of the box to save the meta rule.

  6. Click the Sort Plugins button, to resort your plugins with your new meta rule applied.  "NightPersonVisionTweak.esp" should be placed below "NV_G&L_1.esp".

Q & A:

Q: Could you create a Patch for "XXXX Perk Mod"?

A: No.  I do not have the time to create patches for every single Perk Mod that is released.  You can either request the author of the mod you need patched to create the patch or you can make your own.  Anyone has full permission to use this in any mod or patch.  Creating a patch is pretty easy to do in FO4edit.  A quick Google search will give you all the information you need to get started.