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A few re-color versions of the minutemen flag.

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Minutemen Flag


Because of my new job, i don't have much time left after work. And because of that, i won't do any mods, re-colors or requests in the near future. Sorry to the people that had a requests. I hope you will find other good mods and wish you a lot of fun with Fallout 4.


This project was just my first test on re-coloring textures of Fallout 4. I just made the green one first and did a few other versions to share on nexus.

As a little special i made a black version with One Piece and Assassins Creed: Black Flag symbols.



1. Download the color version you would like to use from the file section.
2. Copy the texture folder into your DATA folder (Fallout 4/data).
3. If you haven't already done it for another mod, you have to change the Fallout4.ini in "../my games/Fallout4"

Go to the line that says: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\

Change it to: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\


- Added a Outer Heaven Flag version after a request in the comments
- Added a VOC Flag version after a request in the comments
- Added a re-color in us colors red, blue and white after a pm request

- New Version of the Gadsden Flag with smaller snake
- Added an orange version with black minutemen logo
- Added a Anarcho Capitalist Flag version after a request in the comments
- Added a Flag of the Enclave version after a request in the comments

- Added a Gadsden Flag version after a request in the comments

- Re-Color of the Minutemen Flag > Black, White, Green, Blue, Red
- Added a black version with Assassins Creed: Black Flag-Symbol
- Added a black version with the Jolly Roger of the Strawhat Pirats from One Piece

My mods

Minutemen General's Uniform
Military Barret - Re-Color
Surgical Mask - Re-Color Black
Assault Gas Mask and Green Hood - Re-Color Black
Wraparound Goggles Re-Color - Black
- Minutemen Flag Re-Color
Laundered Green Dress - Re-Color - Black Version