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Most badass game character comes to wasteland

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First of all this is my first upload 
i tried to make kratos from god of war, it not acurate but its likely kratos
im not gonna upload it here but my friends wanted to me to add this so here we are

When i started this i think i can make kratos perfectly but the limitations of charcater creator has stopped me,
ım not saying the character creator is bad, its the best creator i seen to this day. not much body shape options by the way

Now when you look at my save and picture that ı used reference
1. You see the scar on his eye, the left vanila scar is too small and thin you cant see it properly so i choose right scar
2. These are limited vanila parts im talking about eye brows is more twisted in kratos to show his anger and his skull a diffrent than normal human:) well i tried to make it like i said vanila settings wont allow the make eyebrows look more frown 
the ceekbones well kratos has more cheekbones than average human and his cheek is sticked to chin
3. Hair there is no bald option just shaved hair on vanilla
4. The parts i think i make accurate to the picture is lips and nose
5. İ dont waste to much time on eyes but ı added eye shades
--if you want too add someting type "showlooksmenu player 1" and add scars change skin color or whatever--
--if you want to make him compainion you can use face riper--

You can share your pictures im curious about what youre doing in wasteland with kratos

İt taked 10 minnutes to make this

Not: Mod Türk yapımıdır herkese selamlar iyi oyunlar