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Become a true general of the Minutemen - one that can wear his badge of office and still maintain some decent protection and look good doing it.

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Armored General
by Hothtrooper44

The position "General of the Minutemen" has an official badge of office, the General's Uniform. The original uniform is a dapper coat over armor plates. I rather liked the concept, but it had a pretty big flaw - scalability. This armor is, depending on your particular playthrough, usually an effective set for protection in battle when it's found. Later in the game however, there is no way to improve the armor, and even as someone who was proud to show the whole Commonwealth that I was the General of the Minutemen, I had to abandon the uniform for better protection in time.

This mod seeks to remedy that issue. You can now craft a more heavily armored version of the uniform with appropriately higher statistics.
You can look the part of General even in the late game - and look good doing it!


Custom fitted in modeling software for minimal clipping
Unique male and female meshes - including ground models and 1st person models
Completely standalone - does not alter the original General's Uniform
Four variations, all individually craftable - (Blue/Grey/Brown/Patterned)
Craftable in the Chemistry Station under the "Utility" section (requires rank 2 armor smith)
Moddable in the Armor Crafting Station

New in Version 2:

By popular demand, a version is now craftable with no side plates (see screenshots)
New quest based crafting conditions - the player will have to find the original General Outfit before this one can be crafted

I would like to thank the users of my mods, and the Nexus community at large.
I am honored to be a part of this community, and to contribute to it.
Thank you for your patronage of my work, whether it comes through comments, endorsements or even a kind donation.
You are the reason that I spend long hours of work creating mods.
Thank you.