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Adds 20+ craftable hats and 20+ bandanas, in face-, neck- and head-wear variants

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Update 4-6-16:
*Added five unique, stat-boosting bandanas, in both face- and neck-wearable versions, which can't be crafted but can only be found in containers or vendors' inventories.
* Beefed up level list integration across the board. Some items should appear on wastelanders, raiders and Gunners as well as in containers and vendors.
* Put all recipes on the AWKCR Armorsmith workbench under their own category, so the Crafting Workbenches mod is no longer required for its Clothing workbench.
* Streamlined item naming so they follow an "ITEM TYPE - ITEM DESCRIPTION" format. Between these latter two changes, it should be real easy to find and make exactly what you want.

Update 3-29-16: Added an alternate texture set for the bandanas. They should look more faded and dirty. Install the main file then replace those textures with the alt versions.

Update 3-25-2016: Added neckerchief and headband variants of the 22 bandana textures, plus several knit caps. The level list version is now the only included .esp, to keep things simple. To upgrade from a previous version, install v.4 and overwrite as needed.

Update 2-6-2016: Finally added partial level list integration. If you use the optional esp included, you should see some hats and masks on wastelanders, raiders and gunners, and in vendor inventories. Also added six new masks, including a few factions.

Update 2-4-2016: Added four keffiyeh print bandanas and three more color variations on the field cap

Update 2-2-2016: Added five new caps, all color variations on the BoS Scribe Field Hat. The bit that covers the head, ears and neck is removed through alpha transparency and it's set to let the lower portion of your hair show, though there may be some clipping.

Update 1-29-2016: Added two new hats (black and green plaid) and five new bandana masks (Skull and Bones, Red/blue paisley and red, blue and brown polkadots).

From the readme:

Caps and Masks, by AlanQSmithee

This mod adds 20+ new hats and 20+ bandanas, all craftable, with unique textures and normal maps. They fit men, women and (in the case of the bandanas) dogs alike. The hats are based on Piper's reporter hat, the vanilla newsboy cap and the field scribe hat (with the lower part removed), and the masks are all based on the vanilla bandana, though I've given it what I think is a more realistic, less solid and plasticy wrinkled cloth effect. They are craftable and can be found in some level lists.

New in v. 4: Thanks to Ascendia's Bandanas and Blindfolds, this mod now has neck- and head-worn variants of all bandana textures. *HER MOD IS NOW REQUIRED BECAUSE OF THIS*

A few sample images:

Here's a look at the five unique, stat-buffing versions new to v4.1 that must be found rather than crafted:

How to get them: You can craft them at an AWKCR Armorsmith station under the "AQS Caps and Masks" category (previously had a few recipes on the Clothing workbench from the Crafting mod, but in the interest of ease of use and compatibility, it's no longer dependent on that file) . You should also find a few at vendors, in containers, and on Gunners, some raiders and wastelanders.

Installation: Use NMM or by hand. Manual installation: Just unzip the file and drag and drop the Data folder (it contains a "AQSCapsandMasks.esp" file and Textures, Meshes and Materials folders) into your Fallout 4 directory. It won't overwrite anything but may merge with a previous version of the mod if you're updating. *MAKE SURE THE WASTELAND FASHION MOD IS HIGHER THAN THIS IN YOUR LOAD ORDER* To use the alt textures, which are contained in this zip file outside the Data folder, drag them over and replace the default ones with them.

Original/dirty texture comparison:

Updating: If you already have v4.0, download and install "Update 4.0 to 4.1" and then, if you like, the alt texture set. Version 4.1 contains everything.

Uninstallation: Uncheck the .esp and delete the Textures, Meshes and Materials folders from the mod.

For bug reports or other feedback, see the forum thread at the Nexus page for this mod.


Known bugs:
* The lower hair/neck mesh is removed from the scribe field cap and it's set to show the lower portion of your hair, but since the removal was done through alpha transparency you'll see some small gaps between the hat and your head at certain angles.

Incompatibilities: Depending on how FO4 handles level lists compared to previous games, and what else you have installed and the load order, you may experience some level list overwriting. Please let me know.

Thanks to: Ascendia for letting me adapt her work.


Version history:

v1 - initial release
v2 - added new plaid caps and bandanas
v2.5 - added the five field caps
v2.6 - four more masks, three more hats
v3 - added six new bandanas, including some factions, and the leveled list optional esp
v4 - added knit caps and neckerchief/headband variants


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