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Replace existing face tattoos with a new inferior ones.

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Kind of Cool Face Tattoos
And beauty marks

It's a mod that will replace existing face tattoos with inferior ones
It's also my first ever release mod, and I'm obviously just a beginner in this field.
Should work for both sexes, but it's more suitable for female face.
The neck tattoos could use a bit more work but whatever lol
Also I found all these tattoos on google image search, so they are not really mine per say.
There are also two optional mole replacer for your desire, these two dots is definitely mine

XBOX1 Port version by ChuckSteel available at

Put my character "Lucy" that you see in the screen shoot up as an optional download
She's Outside Vault 111, Level 1, have 10 Charisma 7 Intelligence and shit at anything else..
To get her to look exactly like in the picture you'll need
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer
Young Female Face Texture
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
Blonde hair with Dark eyebrows
The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition
Eye Normal Map Fix Fallout 4 Edition
And this mod obviously.

To get them in game, you'll have to find every issue of Taboo Tattoos Magazines scatter around The Commonwealth
Or enter the matrix and type
Player.additem 00184d9b
Player.additem 00185ce2
Player.additem 00184da5
Player.additem 00184dc0
Player.additem 00180a2a
It's the only way I know as of now..

Tattoos Mod will conflict with any thing the modify these files
FaceTat01_d, FaceTat02_d, FaceTat03_d, FaceTat04_d, FaceTat05_d
And beauty marks will replace
Moles1_d, Moles4_d
Also delete every files listed above if you want to uninstall this mod.

If not already.
Edit sResourceDataDirsFinal in your fallout4.ini located at Documents\My Games\Fallout4
Should look kinda like this.
sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\
Download the fire and Unzip them to your Fallout 4 DATA folder
Or just use the great Nexus Mod Manager

Use my mod in anyway you wanted to! Let's your imagination runs wild!
Enjoy my mod ya'll