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Protects unique NPCs from being killed by other NPCs in dangerous locations, and allows virtually every NPC to be killed by the player if desired. Includes children.

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This mod is very old and outdated, you should use:
https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22160 Unique Npc Protection by Valyn81

unless for some reason you're using a version of F04 from before all the DLC was released

Protects unique NPCs from being killed by other NPCs such as Raiders while giving the freedom to the player to kill virtually any NPC in the game.  Includes children.


Take care that killing certain important NPCs can severely mess up quests.  You may want to wait until their quests have been completed before doing so.
 I take no responsibility if you kill someone important and fail the main quest line.

Leave a comment if you find anything I missed.  
Note: There are a handful of quests in the game that make NPCs essential via script that are not really possible to fix at this time.