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An advanced new rifle comes to the Wasteland. With FULL modding support! Now updated with WORKING SCOPES and new barrels

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Update 1.1 is here!
Fixed those pesky sights and added some more mods, see below for changelog


Once again, a member of the Nexus community has stepped into the breach and helped bring another mod into existence. The excellent model and textures within were provided by thespaceman0915 who gave me unfettered access to his work and tolerated my edits to his stunning M16.
He proves again how fantastic the Nexus community is and allows you to enjoy mods like this! 
So before you get on to downloading this, please head on over to thespaceman0915's profile and give some Kudos or send a message to show your appreciation. Hopefully everyone will be just as impressed as I am with his skills.

So thanks thespaceman0915!

Update V1.1

I think I have fixed the scope problem, I never experienced it myself which made it hard to diagnose or fix! In light of this I scrapped all the old scopes and coding and started again. There are the same number of scopes but new models and stats as well as a reflex sight that actually works!
Hopefully this banishes this strange issue and we can all get on enjoying the gun.


As requested I have included a 'Classic' stock inspired by the original triangle grip and an 'Aesthetic' stock which preserves the grips original position and size. This should come as a relief to you gun nuts out there!


From the sublime to the extreme...for those who don't mind a little deviation from the conventional look there is the new 'stub barrel' and accompanying 'pistol grip'. Neither are particularly useful but rather fun, although a reflex sight is mandatory for these!


Thanks for all the great feedback and sorry that so many of you have been having issues. More updates are on the way!


The Aesthetic, Classic and Stub Barrels alongside
some of the new Scopes and Pistol Grip






The M2216 'Patriot'

This weapon presents not only the culmination of the greatest in American minds but a bold statement of our renewed place in the world. Many assumed that since the Great War our proud Military and Government was no more, but with the 'Patriot' we will once again recapture our glory. Under the careful direction of President Eden our facility within [REDACTED] was able to begin again the research and development of the pre-war C.O.L.T weapons project. Our new head [REDACTED] directed the search to [REDACTED] in the Mojave Desert where concepts and even crude prototypes were procured.  In the years following and despite the [REDACTED] we refined the weapon into the powerful, modern firearm you see today. It is on this day September 30th 2216 that we report the successful completion of all field trials for 'Patriot' and so designate it the M2216.

With this weapon, we the Government and through us the People, will once again reclaim our old world.


By popular demand, it is finally here! Since the R91 people have asked for an AR/M16 rifle so I hope that this will help a little. It's not completely accurate and one of the most distinctive features of these rifles is currently missing; the charging handle is akin to a more conventional bolt system currently. But hopefully this can be changed soon

Many thanks again the thespaceman0915 for the original model and textures. I have managed to create a selection of mods including Barrels, Scopes and Stocks. The weapon also features multiple receivers which should lend a little balance.

A last thanks to Nexus users WHBBos, ahycb, TWarrior and harveeymon who's donations help me find the time and energy to expand the modding repertoire,bringing you as many guns as can be mustered!

You can see a selection of the mods here (Note. some of the scopes are outdated), but more will be on the way!

Currently the gun cannot be found in the Wasteland, it must be spawned via the console.
This too will be added soon.


I recommend installing with NMM, although manual installation is possible by placing the folders into
\Data along with the .esp. Please ensure you have made the correct .INI

Can be spawned in with the console by finding the Item ID [help m2216 4] and then [player.additem {Item ID}]



This mod would not be here without the mastery of thespaceman0915!
undyne777 for tireless help and advice.

beaverdog for consistent enthusiastic assistance.
Nifskope Alpha, a brilliant tool
The indispensable FO4edit
ousnius for the Material Editor
The highly useful 3DSMax .nif exporters
and of course Bethesda, (For keeping the M2216 hidden in the Mojave)
(Plus the brilliant game!)