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Fully neutral LUTs in both sRGB(0-255) and Rec.709(16-235) colorspaces.

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Base LUTs

New Additions
Custom Flat *
Cineon LOG
VisionSpace **

 * Recommended for basic color grading
** Recommended for heavier, advanced color grading

This is a modder's resource. It was not designed for gameplay on it's own (although there is nothing stopping you from doing so) if you use these on their  own, the image will look very flat. They were created as a base for ENB/ReShade presets.

I originally created these to completely bypass the in-game color correction LUTs for use and distribution in my "Film Looks" collections. (Vintage Film LooksModern Film Looks) Since then, I have expanded the scope of this resource to include various base LUT configurations, such as Cineon LOG, VisionSpace, as well as my own custom flat profile that attemps to reverse the default Reinhard tonemapping in the game, and replace it with my own tonemapping solution to recover some previously compressed shadow and highlight detail.

Most users wanting to remove the harsh default in-game color grade will find the "Neutral" LUTs will work for them just fine, as they are essentially untouched, pass-through LUTs that change nothing about the raw image coming from the game's camera, effectively removing the default contrast curve that ships with the game. I replaced every one of Bethesda's LUTs with an untouched, 0-255 range, fully neutral LUT that shouldn't affect the game's color output at all. (The original Bethesda LUTs add a ton of contrast and clip the brighter levels a bit.)

The "Custom Flat" profile is my own custom LUT that performs a reversal of the ingame Reinhard tonemapping and replaces it with my own design while preserving highlight and shadow detail. While technically, there is no new detail magically pulled from the image, the default in-game tonemapping contrast curve compresses the shadows and highlights to such a degree that some otherwise visible detail is hidden from view. The "Custom Flat" profile attempts to fix this by giving an extra +0.6 to +0.8 of a percieved stop of dynamic range in the shadows.

 In the Optional download section, you will find the "Cineon LOG" and "VisionSpace" profiles designed for color grading with professional tools such as Davinci Resolve. Both profiles have had my "Custom Flat" tonemapping curves applied to them before converting to Cineon LOG and VisionSpace. Cineon LOG is an industry standard logarithmic colorspace, while VisionSpace is a custom colorspace designed by VisionColor. Cineon LOG is extremely flat for extreme grades, and VisionSpace, while still flatter than "Neutral" and "Custom Flat," is much easier to work with than Cineon LOG, and provides a great starting point for heavy color grading.

Flat Grading LUTs

This resource also includes flattened 3D Hald LUTs for use in image editing software to create ReShade/ENB presets or for color correction and grading in any other application supporting flattened 3D Hald LUTs.

There are 3 available LUT resolutions:

256 x 16
1024 x 32
4096 x 64


You will need to add the following lines in Fallout4Custom.ini


In order for the LUTs to work, "UseOriginalColorFilter"  must be set to "True"