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Throwing Weapons in fallout 4! Now you can finally nail a raider to the wall with nothing but a knife. Or pretent to be your favorit card throwing x-man. Or even an mean James Bond villein with an odd job and a neck for passing his hat around (puns intended)

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I'm back again :) trying to cater to as many of your wishes as i can :)

I have begun to add posts to the forum tab regarding features or ideas that i would like you guys thoughts on. So if you want to help to improve on my mod, then go to the forum tab and let me hear what you think. Up for debate right now: Weapon Scaling.

 I am a big fan of throwing weapons in general. And as an old card magician i have thrown more than my fair share of playing cards :) I also found it somewhat strange that we had throwing weapons in fallout new vegas and fallout 3 but not fallout 4 o.0 So i sat down a few days ago and made the request on the forum. How ever i am a very inpatient man. And ended up making the mod myself! :P So here it is! Throwing Weapons In Fallout 4!
So fare included:Throwing Screwdrivers, Throwing Hammers, Throwing, Forks, Throwing Knifes, Throwing Cards And Throwing Bowler Hats (Oddjob style)
Added scalpels that requires "medic" to craft, Railroad Spikes AND Baseballs that scale like 1-handed melee weapons. (that means yes, Big Leagues does influence it!)
Added the Silver Shroud throwing card. You have to have agreed to become the shroud before it's unlocked at the crafting bench! (this has been a highly requested feature so i decided to make a small update for those who have been waiting :P )
New: Kunai, Shurikens, A new knife, Combat knife and finaly BRICKS!. (keep in mind the Kunai and Shuriken requires "Ninja" Perk ranke 1 to be crafted. as for the new knife and combat knife they require "Blacksmith" Rank 1) (SIDE NOTE: If you wish to be able to not only throw a Kunai But actually use it as a knife? Look no further. The same guy who gave me the resource made this Thank you Junnari!)

  How it works:
 It should be said the throwing weapons are used just like grenades. So they are equipped like a grenade and thrown like a grenade. They are also effected by all the same things as grenades. That means if you got the "Demolition Expert" perk. You will gain the throwing arc and all that jazz :)
And even though they are categorized as explosives they do not explode. That means they have to hit the target to actually do anything... But fear not! Cause every single weapon can be picked up after combat (if you can find them) however keep in mind that the knifes and cards often get stuck in the body :/ 

Addons are files i upload that can be installed along side the original mod. They add stuff that is either non lore-friendly, unrealistic or just plain OP.
Energized Throwing Cards (Gambit inspired Throwing cards with an explosion :P They are op...)

  Planed Features: 
  • Patch it to work with "Crafting Workbenches - Craftable Weapons Armor Clothing Ammo Junk"  -DONE!-
  • Make the weapons spin in the air
  • Throwing Combat Knifes
  • Make the Throwing Bowler Hat Consume a worn bowler hat!
  • Add silver Shroud Throwing cards that are only unlocked after starting the silver shroud quest and agreeing to become the shroud!
  • Proper damage values (it's a little broken right now o.0 I am gonna patch it very soon! Just wanted to get the mod up!) -DONE!-
  • And many many more weapons! (do pm me with ideas! anything from a combat knife to a brick!)
  • Add Crafting requirements (perks and such)
  • Throwing darts with syringer effects (and a healing one for companions :P)
  • Make the different weapons scale with different stats (like knifes scale with agility, hammers with strength and Cards with Luck :P )
  • The "Overkill addon" This will be an addon with stuff that i deemed either too op, non lore-friendly or just straight up weird.
  • Vendor list
  • lit match, cigar, cigarette, lighter (only real use to ignite flammables: Gas, Fuel etc.)

  How To get it:
After 1.7 the weapons are now crafted at the chem station under "grenades"
After 1.2 all the weapons but the hat, has been added to the leveled list. They are somewhat rare to find but since there's now 5 different items added to the leveled list, you should start to find them really soon ^^

  Required Mods:
  • Nothing!

 Hope you enjoy! Feel free to endorse, leave a comment and even send in new ideas, videos or pictures of the weapons in action!

The kind Junnari was so kind af so send me five resources (Kunai, shuriken, a new knife, combat knife and a brick) So a big round of applause to him! Those items have been highly wanted features since day one and he just made them from scratch. Wow!

Thank you guys! :D