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goal is to get rich gameplay from 5 till 30 lvl
(changes weapon, armor, perks, player and mobs stats)

Permissions and credits
this is early version, can be bugs
sry for my english


Player and companion stats
Health = 100 + End*10 + 2*lvl
Carryweight = 50 + 15*str (human companions now not a mules)
EXP = 10 + 150*lvl
Damage(SV) 100%/100%

Restoring health :
StimPack restore 4HP/sec over 10 sec (4.5HP/sec or 5HP/sec with Medic perk)
RadAway restore 10Rad/sec over 30 sec (11, 12, 13 Rad/sec with Medic perk)
Rawfood   (0.5 - 1) HP/sec over (10-30) sec
Cooked food   (2-3) HP/sec over (10-60) sec

Perks (less damage, lvls changed) :
BigLeagues, Commando, Gunslinger,IronFist,Rifleman
IronFist,Rifleman  10%/20%/30%/40%/50%
HeavyGunner        10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
Demolition Expert  10%/20%/25%/30%
other changes - please read ingame description

reload slower 10% (more real now imho)
more gamage(~x2)
remade range
remade weight (both weapon and mods) - more realistic, for example:
10mm pistol  1.5-2.5 pounds
combat rifle    8-10 pounds
minigun          50  pounds
shotguns - better spread over distance
remade mods:
barrel(short -10%dmg)
scopes( more stability for short, less for long)
full grips more usefull
beam splitters better
changed perk needs for craft

remade weight and defense (leather, raider, metal and combat armor for now; sinth - be later)
changed perk needs for craft
PA set str to 20
PA absorbs 90% damage (was 35%)
no CHA from armor
Craftable Armor Size
Limb pocketed/Deep pocketed - now reduce Agi (-1)


health much less depends on level (mutants below 10lvl still have 300HP - big trouble for unprepared player, but at 20-30 lvl mutant have 350-400HP and becomes equal opponent)
more armor and HP for big monsters 
less armor and HP for small monsters
be careful, the levels of zones are modified
turrets deadly now both yous and enemies
changed drop levels and vendors lists

settlement and crafting:
generators produce more power, but needs oil
no dirty water for craft
perk needs for craft explosive, StimPack, RadAway.
(Later perk needs will be added for most crafts)

and many other small fixes

How to play:
Install after some Loot Overhaul mod
Better to start new game (exiting from v111) - for adequate work changed level lists and perks.

Companions can carry only 25 pounds - if u use old save or edited companions in mods after LevelingOverhaul,
(in originals they have -100 carryweight and with new formula - that low carryweight)
most easy way to fix - via console:  
"getav carryweight" - if u see 25 or around, feel free to write:
"modav carryweight 100"

Used mods:
No Health Level Scaling - or request customised formula  - thx to Mindful Droid
Craftable Armor Size - thx to John Doe Bowler