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IRGSO is a overhaul to replace all default gun sounds with realistic, cracking, supersonic, beefy, and satisfying gunshots. The vanilla sounds and previous mods I felt did not do enough justice to the potential available for these guns, thus IRGSO was created.

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Intense Realistic Gun Sounds Overhaul

Derived from my previous mod, this overhaul replaces ALL gun sounds. So far replacement consists of all bullet-based weapons, and energy weapons.
All that is left now is for pipe weapons to be finished!

These gun sounds are heavily inspired by this set of mods for a different game. I felt no other mod came close to what this intense realism brought to the game it had the mods for (Insurgency) so I felt I should bring that same feeling of realism and firefights into Fallout 4.

Future plans:
  • Create the supersonic whiz and cracking flyby gun sounds
  • Finish all pipe weapon sounds
  • NPC firing sounds
  • Melee sounds // possibly
  • TBA