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This Mod allows the player to have their own custom radio station one a standalone channel called "Personal Radio" Where you can add your own music

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I'm Back and the Randomized Update is coming soon after Almost a year, I'm currently working on it
Fallout 4 - Standalone PipPOD

Now Called PipPOD (Credit to Persona1234 for the Name) Previously know as Personal Radio

This is all thanks to zilav and his mod/Template Sanctuary Radio Station Demo

.Mp3 version is not Possible at the moment as the game only supports .WAV  and .XWM

This is no longer a resource if you want a Tutorial on how to make a radio station follow this link to youtube, his tutorial is great :)

  1. This mod allows you to have a custom radio station with up to 50 songs on it.
  2. It wont effect existing radio stations but instead creates a whole new one
  3. You can use any music as long as it is .wav or .xwm format
  4. The Radio station covers the whole map as far as i know

  1. Install the files to the your fallout 4 file or with NMM
  2. There are 10-50 Files within the Data Section located at Data\sound\fx\mus\radio\PersonalRadio
  3. These 10/20/30/40/50 Files are Numbered 1-10/20/30/40/50 (Note: There are now 5 versions in the one download you must pick one These are the 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 song Versions)
  4. All you have to do is find music that you own in .wav or .xwm format then copy these to another folder and rename them with a number so that they can be played in the game before copying them to the correct folder (Note: if running the songs with .xwm then delete all .wav first)

  1. Copy your Custom songs to another folder on your computer
  2. Uninstall old Version of the Mod then Install the new one
  3. Then paste your Copied songs back into the PersonalRadio Folder

  • Does anyone know a good mp3 to wav converter? Audacity has been recommend but also needs the lame Plugin so try this out. Also Note that:
  • That not all .wav Converters will work so it can be a case of trial and error, I'm not sure if this one works but i have been told it does.
  • Can i add more songs or less? yes you can choose the amount that suits you but these are only set to 5 specific variable at the moment 
  • Do the Songs Play One after another? Yes they Do at the Moment and i will most likely always keep this as an option
  • Can you make a Randomized version so my songs don't play in order? It is Actually Coming soon after a year!

  • PipPOD only plays silence (Fix - Uninstall PipPOD, Make a Clean Save, then Reinstall PipPOD)
  • When the radio station is playing sometimes when you try to play a holotape the audio will go into a repeat to avoid this bug just turn off the radio prior to playing a holotape, if it has already happened load a save prior to the bug, Still looking for a fix...
  • Report any other Bugs You Find

  • Report Conflicts if any
Tools Used:

  • Version 0.9a
Now has the 50 song version should fix most bugs too.
  • Version 0.7
Updated bug fixes
Changed the Name of the radio station to "PipPOD"
  • Version 0.6
Fixed NMM version
Added 40 song version
  • Version 0.3
Added the 20 Song Version File
the 10 song version is also in there
  • Version 0.2
Fixed an issues where it would only play the first three songs and looped on the 4th
  • Version 0.1
Mod has been added