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The Institute version of the awesome Slooty Vault Suit made by Dixie Pig.

Permissions and credits
The Institute version of the awesome Slooty Vault Suit made by Dixie Pig, all credit and endorsements to him/her.

t's my first mod, any bug you can see, let me know.

Doesn't requires the original mod but it can be installed along with it.

Required Mods:

Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77.

Recommended Mods:

Slooty Vault Jumpsuit by Dixie Pig.


- Use NMM or copy Data folder into Fallout 4 directory.
- Wander the Commonwealth

Optional Files:

Slooty Synth Uniform - Standalone - Armorsmith Extended not required | A ESP that replaces the original file and doesn't require A.E. Requires Main Files.
- Slooty Synth Uniform - Standalone - Replacement | Replaces the Synth Uniform in all women. Requires Main Files and it works with the original ESP.
Slooty Synth Uniform without Emblem | Just a texture without The Institute's emblem.
- Slooty Synth Uniform - CBBE Bodyslide | Mesh files compatible with Bodyslide.

Mods showed in pictures:

Harness Wardrobe by Calyps. *
Field Scribe Backpack by jet4571. *
Armorsmith Extended (Gloves) by Gambit77.
Atomic Surgery (Cait) by Ewoleth.
Pip-boy customized by me.

*Both edited and adjusted to the outfit by me for personal use. Not included.


Version 1.4.2 - Fixed the arms in First Person.
Version 1.4.1 - Tweaked some textures.
Version 1.4b - Fixed Bodyslide compatible version (Again).
Version 1.4a - Fixed Bodyslide compatible version.
Version 1.4 - Changes in armor stats. | Added Bodyslide compatible version.
Version 1.3 - Fixed a problem with the material of the boots.
Version 1.2a - Update the optional texture without emblem to match with the Standalone version.
Version 1.2 - Added Standalone version.
Version 1.1 - Latest Version - Changed the logo of The Institute.
Version 1.0 - First version.