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Build soil for planting!

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~Craftable Farmland~

This is a VERY rough draft of this mod for now - you can place the farm plots, but they have really gnarly collision issues, and the sheer size of them is completely ludicrous - I was able to put down a large plot (the one in the pictures) only after having put down several small ones to level out the area, and then placed the big one on top of them - I was able to scrap the little ones afterwards tho, and the big one plopped itself down where you see it in the picture.

The farmland is considered dirt for all "requires to be placed on dirt" items like well pumps and crops, so it WORKS, it's just really hard to place them for now.

They are in the standard "Resources -> Misc" build menu, with the scrap bench and brahmin trough.  For now they don't have icons because the meshes are too huge for transforms, I will assign them some normal-sized icons in the next version.

I've built a set of custom ingredients that's required for building them - you'll find "mulch" and "compost" in the Chemistry Lab under Misc with the Cutting Fluid, the Mulch uses normal components, and is a component itself to make Compost (along with fertilizer and some wood), which you use in the finished recipe for the farm plots.  For now all the plots just use one Compost, but I will update those in the next version to be more appropriately scaled to the size of the finished plots.

There's a fair bit of work to be done on this one - it's FUNCTIONALLY working, but it needs a bucketful of polish.  I'm uploading it now just because there's people that will have been wanting something like this and are willing to fuss with placement in order to make it work in this rough form.

For now, I'm using the default mesh names - I will update them after I've sorted out the collision problems and make them easier to place.
The plots have the following dimensions:

FarmPlot01 = three "farmrows" of dirt, with 5 rows of smooth earth around them - it's about 3 "floor tiles" wide and 4-5 tiles long.  This one comes in 5 "flavors" of soil, to match the various soil colors we have in the game.
FarmPlot01Short = three and five rows of soil again, but half the length.  Comes in 2 soil flavors.
FarmPlot02 = two raised rows of dirt, and 3 rows of smooth earth - it's the same length as the FarmPlot01.  Only comes in 1 soil flavor.
FarmPlot02Short = two and three rows again, but half the length.  Comes in 2 soil flavors.
FarmPlot03 = one raised row of dirt, and 2 smooth rows..  Comes in 2 soil flavors.
FarmPlot03Short = one raised and 2 smooth, and half the length (starting to get the idea?).  Only comes in 1 soil flavor.  This one is by far the easiest one to place, and it's what I spread around to place the giant FarmPlot01 on top of.

I -CANNOT- change the textures - I just completely don't know how, so asking me if I can change something "visual" about the mod will likely get a polite "sorry but I can't".  I will take any suggestions for "function" changes under advisement - if it's doable, then I can give it a try for you.

### To do ###
Fix the collisions (don't know how hard this will be)...
Fix the names (easy to do)
Fix the recipes (easy to do)
Add icons to the build menu (doable, will take a bit of research)
Add better transforms for the compost and mulch (not difficult, just gotta find nice ones).

I'm debating using the Compost item that NX-Pro Farming makes instead of my own compost recipe - that mod makes huge quantities of it however, and I don't want it to be quite as easy to get as he's done it, and I also don't want to force people to use his mod if they just want mine.  I may make a compatibility version where I use his compost, but more of it.