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Adds a new receiver to the combat rifle. It can now chamber 5.56mm.

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5.56mm Combat Rifle

Lets be real... the assault rifle looks ridiculous. But the Combat Rifle, now that's a bad ass weapon. My only problem then was I ran out of .308 for it. I decided to design a new receiver for the rifle, capable of firing 5.56mm rounds. Its not as powerful as the .308, but more powerful than the best .45. It's still a viable late game option.

You can craft the mod at any weapons work bench. It has the same perk and material requirements as the .308.

v2.0 Update
- Added Automatic receiver mod
- Added FOMOD installer - I wanted to learn condition installs
- Semi-auto is exactly the same as v1.0 (so no need to update if you don't want the auto)
If updating, make sure to select the updating option in the installer to ensure no "missing content" in your save. 

This is my first Beth mod and first Nexus mod... whoo

Screen shot has ScratchMade - New Combat Shotgun and Rifle textures by Millenia. DOWNLOAD IT!