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The Chinese MRE's export!!!!!

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Today I bring back two kinds of MRE are come from Chinese, retexture work and this is the first.

The green bag write "09单兵自热食品" is the first kind of MRE close to the US armys' MRE, It have one main food can support you in the action. This one is the 3rd menu called"鸡丁炒饭” in English is "Chicken Fried Rice" is the Chinese meal which benefit the PLA. It also have some snacks, powder drink,  spirit hot sauce(it tastes so good and you will be enjoy it if you have the chance to eat the Chinese MRE) and some soft cans. 
The yellow bag write"13单兵自热食品” is the maturer type of MRE than 09, It has two main food can let you have a carbon water feast. As the price, some snacks removed by the designer, it only have the spirit hot sauce, powder drink and pickles. but is enough for the daily action. It's evoluted from type 09 and become the popular Chinese MRE no matter wargame or daily training. Type 13 MRE also export to Guinea, they just change the packing to benefit the local language. (the 5th screenshot)
Both of them are vacuum packing and can be heating without fire.
That's the intro of these Chinese MRE, hope you like them and enjoy the good time.
And you can use my MRE meshes fix mod to get the better experience:MRE Meshes Fix at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (