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TWO black and shiny X01 paints in the style of Enclave advanced PA. Also black versions of T45, T51 and two again for the T60. Actually counts as shadowed and muffled. Non-replacer. Plus a couple more colours for the X-01.

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It adds Two NEW black and shiny X-01 paints in the style of Enclave advanced power armour from the previous games. One is called "Shadowed Plating" and is darker and less shiny. The other is called "Micro-Carbon Plating" and it's shinier, with a subtle Institute logo, to keep the BOS on their toes. It doesn't actually add much in the way of stats or damage resistance, but it counts as shadowed, muffled and dense, so, yeah, it's still pretty high end if used right.

Bear in mind though that you ARE stomping around in a few hundred pounds of steel, so sneaking around in it won't be trivial. But it gives you a fair chance if you want to try.

Most of the pictures I provided are with the Micro-Carbon paint, but there are pictures comparing the two too.

Also, as of 1.02, it adds black versions of the T45, T51 and two black paints for the T60. The paints have the same attributes as the X-01 one, i.e., you can try to sneak in them too.

Note that the paint only affects the pieces you put on the frame. It doesn't recolour the frame itself. If you want everything to be black, you may want to also look for a black or dark grey recolour of the frame.

Also note that the X-01 doesn't come with permanently glowing eyes. If you want your eyes to glow, you have to turn on the lamp. If you want to sneak, well, then it probably helps more if you don't look like a pair of glowing eyes in the dark. The T45, T51 and T60 obviously don't have glowing eyes.

Made with PAPainter.


If upgrading from 1.01 or earlier, the old X01 paint will be replaced with the newer "Shadowed" one. The old shiny one has been renamed to "Micro-Carbon" and moved as a new paint. (Mostly because of the Intitute logo. I wanted an institute-sounding material to go with it.)

If you want your old shiny look back, well, just go to any PA workshop and repaint your armour with the Micro-Carbon Plating. It's free, and a 5 minutes exercise, so it shouldn't be TOO tragic. Still, sorry for the inconvenience.


Go to a PA station, repaint your armour. It's that easy.

You still need to find some power armour on your own first, though.


It shouldn't conflict with anything whatsoever, since it doesn't change any existing records. It's just a new paint job.


Since at least the X-01 paint is nearly identical to what's been in previous games, including on the cover of Fallout 2, I'd say it's as lore conform as it gets.


It's just a darkened Institute paint job, so really it's Bethesda's texture. I release my own work into the public domain, so you can do anything you want with it, but Bethesda doesn't allow porting their assets to other games. So you can only use it in Fallout 4 mods.