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Hide hats and glasses while keeping their attributes and mod attributes.

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Invisible Moddable Cosmetics

NOTE: Requires Armorsmith Extended and AKCR. Armorshith Extended provides the mods.

Check out my other mod: Craftable Grass, Bushes, and Vines.

Description: Adds several standalone hats and glasses that are moddable with armorsmith extended and are invisible so that player face/hair can be seen. Becuase the hats take the headband slot, you can equipt a different hat as purely cosmetic, with the real stat hat invisible! All in game vanilla attributes are covered with these items. Hats/Glasses include:

Airship captain's hat (CHR+1, END+1)
Baseball cap (PER+1)
Battered fedora (LCK+1)
Bowler Hat (END+1)
Formal hat (CHR+1)
Sea captain's hat (END+2)
Press cap (INT+1)
Black-rim glasses (CHR+1)
Eyeglasses (PER+1)
Liam's glasses (INT+2, CHR-1)
Road goggles (INT+1)

NMM: Download and install through NMM.
Manual: Drag data folder into main fallout 4 directory.

Usage: In the console (press tilde ~), type help Invis 4. This searches and finds all items with Invis in the name. Then type player.additem (id) to get the items. Id's are found from the help invis 4 command. 

Make sure to click endorse in NMM if you find it useful. Feel free to request other items like mod patches!

If you are looking for a version that does not require Armorsmith extended look at The_Hermit's: Invisible Glasses and Hats. This version has no mods for the hats. 

Thanks to Gambit77 for Armorsmith extended mods. To Nifscope team. To Bethesda. And to FO4Edit team.