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The PharmaCura BioPharma Stim Shot™ comes to the Commonwealth, courtesy of the Super Earth Ministry of Unity! Now with no addictive properties!*

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The PharmaCura BioPharma Stim Shot™ is the exact same substance the SEAF Helldiver Corps use to survive their deadly operations on other planets, whether they be defending Lady Liberty or bringing down the hammer on her enemies! 

Now you can feel like a Helldiver and spread Managed Democracy across the Commonwealth, one Stim at a time!

Each shot guaranteed to make the user feel as if every Super-Citizen is cheering on their Democratic march!**

"I need Stims!"
-A very wise Helldiver, whose loss we now mourn

Replaces the Stimpak Model & Name to the PharmaCura Stim from Helldivers II, an excellent game made by Arrowhead Studios. If you haven't played this masterpiece before, you should absolutely give it a try!

*Actual addictive properties are untested. Use in moderation.

**Message bought to you by the Super Earth Ministry of Truth. All statements made in this sponsorship are 100% true and factual. Any citizen who attempts to argue with these inarguable facts should be reported and prosecuted. Do your duty as a Super-Citizen! Keep Super Earth and Lady Liberty safe by reporting any suspicious activity. Silence is complicity!