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a tiny edit for the .INI file
you can turn on "GodRays" and no worries about pixelated shadow on character body (for AMD Radeon user)

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simple fix (some experiment with .INI)
(check the ss and vid below)

This is just a quick fix for those who having "GodRays" issue. Especialy for those who using AMD Radeon GPUs/VGA card.
(i don't know if this happening to someone else who using AMD Radeon, but this is happening to me.
by the way, i'm using (my ol baddass GPU) AMD Radeon HD6850 with Crimson driver version.

This is the trick:

Assuming that you already know how to edit the .INI files, all you have to do is edit the Fallout4Pprefs.ini (don't worry, just a tiny edit)

1. open your :

 Fallout4Pprefs.ini located at ... \Documents\My Games\Fallout4 and open it with your favourite txt editor (i'm using notepad).

2. Look under [Display] and find this line (or add it if you can't find this) :

iMaxFocusShadowsDialogue=4 (your number will different from mine, depends on your previous setting)
iMaxFocusShadows=4 (your number will different from mine, depends on your previous setting)

3. make sure you change those numbers to 0

like this :


4. (optional) To make sure the edit works, you also have to edit the Fallout4Pprefs.ini in your Game Directory (just look for folder Fallout4 and do the same edit like in the point 3 (always make READ ONLY after edit!).

5. after you done editing don't forget to make your Fallout4.ini and Fallout4Prefs.ini to READ ONLY (because the game launcher can reset again your .ini setting (if you make change from the launcher). For fast edit your .INI
i'm using Fallout 4 Configuration Tool - By Bilago to make sure your edit in .ini files not changed after editing.

and there you go ... give it a try and enjoy the beauty of  "GodRays" in your FALLOUT4 without having the shadow pixelated on your character.
If this not work for you, you can always back to your previous .INI setting.

mod i used in the screenshot:
A Little Bit of Green (Realistic Touch of Green Edit) by Original Mods by Stephanie Young and Ciprriano - Realistic Edit
Vault Booty - Enhanced Female Vault Suit by calyps

+You can set your GodRays to highest setting ...
+i hope i don't forgot something ...
+don't forget to endorse if it helps you :D
+don't post a bugs please, consult with me first! (if i'm not asnwering because i'm offline, perhaps others will)

FAQs :

you : "i have amd radeon xxxx series, will those number changes will impact my fps?"
my answering machine : "as far as i know those number changes will not impact your fps, but with the GodRays "turn on" itself it can!. But some people having personal chat with me and claim this boost fps! (more verivication needed from others user)".

you : "what exactly those numbers work with?"
my answering machine : "this tweak related with the shadow arround your characters and the body itself, this tweak reducing those shadows, so this related with the shadow quality on your characters, not changing whole shadows in the world".

you : "will those numbers changes works with NVIDI?"
my answering machine : "if me not mistake, the GodRays itself compatible (or using) with NVIDIS GodRays technology. So it should be no issue with NVIDI users. But if you having the same issue like AMD users, just give it a try, it won't hurt you, just don't forget to backup your .ini files first, and don't forget to endorsed :p ".

you : "can i overwrite my .ini with yours?"
my answering machine : "yes, but if you are a tweaker and have your own setting with your .ini's, and since the .INI will be differ one with another i recommend you to COMPARE it first and just change the numbers like in my posting. FYI I tweak my .ini files that related with shadows, LODs, draw distances, pipboy colors and fx, resolution and texture loading, an also decals that should increase performance with my HD6850".

you : "are you some kind a .ini tweaker junkie"
my answering machine : "... love to experiment and learn from mistakes, if my experiment succeed and not havimg side effects, then i will share it with others".

you : "why your grammar is so odd?"
my answering machine : " ... "

"... thank you, it's like i can finally think straight ... "