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Tarps and camouflage netting replacement for a few of the vanilla roof and wall pieces, and Chain-link fence texture

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  This is a camouflage netting texture I made to replace two of the boring vanilla building set pieces, the roof piece with the blue blanket, and one of the lesser used wall pieces.  And a NEW ADDITION to the mod are tarp roof pieces! They also replace a few of the lesser used roof pieces. I also added a texture to make the Chain-link fences not as, but still a bit rusty. Enjoy! 

-Added TARPS ROOFS! 3 different colors
-Added Camo netting wall piece.

  COMING SOON-I plan to add these as standalone pieces soon, with multiple camo netting options. Lean Too's. Raider Tents, normal and with netting. Coming soon-ish! So stay tuned! 



And also check out my other mods on my page.  I hope you like em! Cheerz!