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Just a small edit to Dogmeat's mesh to give him floppy down-turned ears, to add more variety to virtual dogs!

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A small resource mod that adds some more options when customizing Dogmeat's appearance.

Originally I just made some minor edits to the raider dog mesh to extend the ears and bring the hips out some (so the poor thing wouldn't look totally malnourished), but I decided that if I was going to release the edit, I should do Dogmeat's mesh as well, since there are more retextures out for Dogmeat than the raider dog; so now there's two more options when customizing your fuzzy, virtual friend! 
These are pretty simple mesh edits done in Outfit Studio - I just tugged on the ears and shape until it looked at least somewhat realistic.
No retextures included here, so you'll have to replace those on your own, but I'll link the mods I used in the screenshots here:
Labrador Dogmeat (for raider mesh)
"Pirate" Dogmeat (Dogmeat mesh)
Bellyache's Dogmeat Mutts (for Dogmeat mesh)
Jesters Better Dogmeat (for Dogmeat mesh)

Future Plans:
Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to take requests on dog breeds. I just don't have the time or skill to make that many variations - I might add more as I come up with them, but I can't promise anything. This was just done for fun in my free time. 

Pick which dog you want, download the file and drop it in your data folder. 

Known Issues:
Minor animation weirdness on the Dogmeat mesh. It's nothing too bad, but Dogmeat's animations where designed for pointy ears, so the floppy ears sometimes move oddly or clip at the tips. No game-breaking bugs that I've seen with any of the meshes, but let me know if problems crop up. I'll do my best to fix em'. 
The Mastiff Dogmeat mesh is a little broken. The height got changed as an experiment and the back ups got corrupted. Because of the height changes, this particular Dogmeat mesh doesn't work well with clothing/armor. His eyes also can bug out when he blinks (I'll include a screenshot of the bug). I'm not sure if this is something that I'll fix. These meshes were for personal use and experimentation. Just uploading them for whoever wants to try them out. 

Ousnius and Caliente, for BodySlide and Outfit Studio.
nivea, for telling me that Outfit Studio can be used to edit more than CBBE outfits.
Brigand231, for listening to all my obsessive ramblings about virtual dogs.
My boyfriend for nudging me to revisit this.