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Have an unlimited amount of settlers for all settlements

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Have an unlimited amount of settlers for all of your settlements, call in more when you need them and as many as you please.

Keep in mind that even though this allows you to have unlimited settlers, your computer wont be able to handle an unlimited amount so don't jump right in and go too far straight away, I'd recommend stop producing more settlers when your frame rate starts to drop when you are in your towns.

Installation and use (not compatible with NMM, please install manually):

1. Place the downloaded files in the same directory as your fallout4.exe
2. Launch the game
3. When in game open the console and type one of the following commands (don't forget to follow stage 4 below, after):

"bat settler"
spawns one settler

"bat settlers"
spawns a group of settlers

"bat moresettlers"
spawns an even larger group of settlers

4. Approach the settlers that you have spawned in workshop mode and press R to select which settlement to add them to, they wont become useful until you assign them to a settlement.

NOTE: Your maximum amount of settlers is also based off of your charisma so in order to bypass this I have set your charisma to 99 inside the scripts, if you don't want the extra charisma boost but want to keep the settlers then once you are finished spawning them type this command to reset (your new settlers will remain in your settlements don't worry) your charisma:

"player.setav charisma <value>"


player.setav charisma 7

The next time you want to add more settlers you must have a higher charisma level again which the mod/script will take care of for you just remember this and reset it back to your desired value afterwards.

ALSO NOTE: With this script the maximum amount of settlers is 99, if you do happen to get to that amount and want even more then follow these steps:

1. Go to the script files that you downloaded with this mod
2. Go into the file named buffcharisma
3. Change the value 99 on the first and only line to something higher than 99

Make sure you have the latest version for this, in a previous version the buffcharisma file wasn't included

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Thanks to DigitalRot for providing some images and background image!

I'd also like to give some credit to Ajmorr2000 for collaborating with me on this. Thanks buddy.

Happy Settling