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(Formerly known as Alucard (Hellsing) Outfit) Now includes Soldier Outfits & Uniforms (6 variants), black variants for Alucard, Integra's suits, and guns. Test save games are also included for Face Ripper or to play with.

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Well, now you too can dress like a duck-mothering vampire.

Or a red-shirted soldier, I don't really care, I'm going for a walk.



Items must be added with the console:

Open with "~"

Then type:

help "x" 4

Where "x" equals: Alucard, Integra, Hellsing, Jackal, Casull, Harkonnen

To get the Item IDs, then type:

player.additem [Item ID] 1


Hellsing Organization Contains

Alucard's Clothes: ( Outfit Male Only, Female Outfit Broken ) (Fedora, Shades, Suit and Gloves should still work for Fems.)

Outfit - Red Full Outfit (Coat/Boots/Gloves)
Outfit [ L ] - Red Longer Coat
Outfit [ LT ] - Red Longer and Torn Coat
Outfit [ B ] - Black
Outfit [ BL ] - Black and Long
Outfit [ BLT ] - Black, Long and Torn
Fedora - Big Floppy Hat, Red with White Band
Fedora [ BR ] - Black with Red Band
Fedora [ BW ] - Black with White Band 
Shades - Stylish Tinted Glasses
Suit - Just the Suit/Dress Shoes, if you're feeling classy
Gloves - Just the Gloves to wear with outfits that don't have any
Goggles - Like the shades, except goggles

Integra's Clothes:
Suit [ C ] - Classic. Green suit with blue tie and gold gross.
Suit [ W ] - Prepared for war. Brown suit with Hellsing Patch, red tie and silver cross.
Suit [ B ] - Black. Alternate style often seen in cosplay.

Hellsing Soldier Clothes:

Uniform - Basic fatigues for training/guard duty
Field Outfit - Heavier gear and kevlar
Field Gloves - Tactical Gloves
Formal Gloves - For Guard Duty... or just because literally everyone wears white gloves
Kevlar Helmet - We know none of this armor will help and they are going to die, but at least they can pretend to protect their brain case
Beret - For Guard Duty, special ops or looking fancy
Balaclava - Tacticool (No color variants, just black) - [H] version is for use with hats (beret/helmet)

Colors Available:
Olive [ G ] - Standard Issue Uniform color
Black [ B ] - Dark, but still bright/colorful insignia patches
Tactical [ T ]- Dark and olive/black patches for optimal stealth
Gold [ Y ] - Oh god my eyes, why Seras? Why?
Navy Blue [ N ] - Police issue
Red [ R ] - "What's a blood rage, and why don't I remember anything?" (Also, Standard Issue Beret color)

Hellsing Arms Contains

Casull - A mock-up of the .454 as a fully modded custom unique 10mm
Jackal - A mock-up of the 13mm as a fully modded custom unique 10mm
Harkonnen - A mockup of the 30mm as a fully modded custom unique .50 cal hunting rifle


1.3 - Update - Added Alternate Goggles in Alucard Style (Dogmeat can wear these, too) Tweaked armor values for Field Outfits +10, Uniforms +3, Berets +1, Field Gloves +1
1.2 - Update - Black variants for Alucard (3 outfits, 2 hats) and 3 variants of Integra's suit.
1.1H - Hotfix - Fixed Balaclavas. There are now 2 versions. First is used alone. Second tagged with [H] is for use with hats
1.1 - Big Update -
IMPORTANT the .esp has been renamed from "Alucard Outfit.esp" to "Hellsing Organization.esp" to reflect upon the expansion of this mod's original intention. Please delete the old one to avoid redundancy. Lots and lots of outfits have been added, see above. Color code your settlers. I mean, "soldiers". Or go nuts and be a colorful rainbow if you want. 
1.0B - Updated - Added glow maps to glasses.
1.0 - Initial Release - Just Alucard's Outfit


1.2 - Update - Tweaked Damage. Upped Casull +2 points, Jackal +10 points and Harkonnen +3 points.
1.1 - Update - Added "Harkonnen" Basically just a unique custom modded .50 cal hunting rifle, with the Hellsing insignia on it. Full text wouldn't fit, the model is just too small. :( Recommend to add the "Rapid" Legendary Mod (270008A7) so that it performs as it should.
1.0 - Initial release - Adds 2 unique 10mm pistols to the game. Jackal and Casull. Sound has been changed to revolver shots for more kick. They come fully modded for the look and power.
Also comes with an empty legendary slot, so if you have a mod that lets you rip those out and plug those in, just a little extra 'oomph'

Test Saves - For use with Face Ripper or just for messing around with. They have the outfits on them.
- test Alucard.fos
- test Integra.fos
- test Seras.fos

If you want to play with them, install in:
User/My Documents/My Games/Fallout 4/Saves

To load them, open the console at main menu and type:
load "test Alucard"
(Or which ever other character name, quotation marks are important to include)



Alucard Clothing - By  ariakan83  <- You should give him an endorsement or kudos if you like his Glasses :) He's also done a reskin of the Bull.
The Bad-Ass Long Coat - By Eferas <- Thank him for the awesome Long Coat!
The Long Red Trench Coat - By Creeping Death <- Special Thanks for the hat model. Great Femicard outfit.

This mod wouldn't have been as great without the work of these authors.