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Now with BodySlide support!

Permissions and credits
This is the Slooty Vault Suit, a Fallout 4 armor mod.

Now with BodySlide support!

This mod works standalone, but please consider it a resource that you may use in your own creations.

Created in Blender 2.76 - even the textures! Source files are included for anyone who may wish to modify it or use parts of it. If any part of them needs clarification, feel free to PM me.

Optional 4096^2 textures are also available, in red and black, sand and grey, and vault-blue.

CBBE body replacer by Caliente

Extract to the main installation folder.

How to acquire in-game:
The armor can be crafted at any chemistry workbench, under the "healing" category.

Alternatively, use the console:
 -Type "help slooty 4",
 -Use the page up/down keys to find the FormID of the "slooty vault suit"
 -Type "player.additem <FormID> 1", replacing "<FormID>" with the FormID
 -The item will be added to your inventory.

Delete the "Dixiepig" folders inside Data\Materials, Data\Meshes, and Data\Textures as well as the file "Data\slootyVaultSuit.esp".

This work is provided under the Creative Commons Atribuition 4.0 license. This means you are welcome to use it however you wish, provided that you credit the original author.


And also, thank you to Orphennoc for their lovely screenshots, and ShadowGearX for adding the modification options.